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Intrasect Blended Refuge






All the ready protection and convenience you need in 1 product with superior genetics!

DuPont Pioneer continues to explore new technologies that would be helpful for corn farmers. From the traits technologies offered currently via a combined Asian corn borer control (Y) and glyphosate-tolerance (R) requiring a 10% non-Bt refuge seeds to be planted along to lengthen the traits durability, it is now ready to level-up its technology offering via Pioneer Intrasect.

Pioneer Intrasect not only offers the convenience of having a control on the Asian corn borer and a ready herbicide tolerance. As per the local multi-location trials conducted by Pioneer, the technology also acts on controlling or suppressing a broader range of lepidopterans as well – corn semi-looper, common cutworm, true armyworm, corn earworm, and black cutworm. This is made possible through a combination of two insect traits technologies with different modes of action and a broader insect control coverage. With a dual mode of action offered by Intrasect, the refuge seeds required is also lower at 5% which can be readily blended along the 95% main seeds. This blended refuge feature will ensure insect resistance management compliance, and hence, promote better traits durability.

With Pioneer Intrasect, farmers can be assured of better yield, convenience and traits durability. It provides a very simple, all-in-one solution through its superior base genetics, maximum insect protection, built-in 5% blended refuge and herbicide tolerance 

Last Modified:May 24, 2017