Goss's Wilt in Corn

A quick reference guide on managing Goss's Wilt.

ID and Manage Goss's Wilt
Hear about the symptoms of Goss’s wilt and management tips, including rotation, tillage and hybrid selection, from Eric Moore, Pioneer area agronomist.

Goss's Wilt Occurrence

Once largely confined to corn fields in Nebraska and parts of Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota, Goss's Wilt has recently spread into other states. No rescue measures are available for this bacterial disease. However, reducing corn residue and planting resistant hybrids can help minimize the damage.

Map: Goss's Wilt Occurrence, U.S., 2010-2011
General area of Goss's Wilt occurrence and risk to corn.
(Source: Pioneer Hi-Bred.)

Regional Management Information

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Goss's Wilt Protection

Matt McKenzie Hybrid Selection Helps Fight Disease

Matt McKenzie, Pioneer area agronomist, discusses incorporating a Goss's wilt defense strategy into planting decisions.



In-Depth Management Guide
Learn more about the development, symptoms and management considerations for this major corn disease that is capable of causing leaf loss, lower stalk quality and reduced yields.


ID & Disease Guide
Information outlining the plant symptoms, life cycle of the disease and management considerations.


Overview of Goss's Wilt
Find a brief overview of the problem, symptoms and management recommendations.

Use this information as a guide and it should not be the only factor in making decisions.
Corn Insect and Disease Guide



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