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Soybean Lodging


Lodging in Soybeans

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Lodging Decreases Profitability

  • Lodging can decrease soybean yields by up to 10%
  • Primarily a problem in high-yielding soybeans
Good standability usually results in both higher soybean yields and lower harvest losses.

Timing of Lodging

  • Simulated lodging studies have shown that lodging before R2 (full flowering) does not significantly impact yield because soybean branches take on main stem characteristics.
  • Lodging from R3 (beginning pod) to R5 (beginning seed) has been shown to have the greatest impact on yield.
  • Lodging from R6 (full seed) to maturity impacts yield to a lesser degree, but can have negative impacts on harvestability.

Left: lodging resistant variety.
Right: susceptible variety

2 Main Factors Influence Lodging

  • Variety
  • Environment
Variety Selection
  • At DuPont Pioneer, we stress the importance of getting the right product on the right acre.
  • Consider Harvest Standability Scores when selecting soybean varieties.
  • Plant height has been shown to be positively correlated with both yield and lodging.
  • Consult with a Pioneer sales representative to find the right balance between yield potential and standability at harvest.
  • Higher yielding environments generally promote taller, more robust plants which are more susceptible to lodging.
  • Pioneer data has shown that planting early can avoid warmer temperatures during the vegetative stage of growth, therefore reducing plant height and decreasing susceptibility to lodging, while increasing yield potential.
  • Consider planting higher yielding, more lodging-prone fields first.
  • Populations of around 125,000 to 150,000 have generally produced maximum yield.
  • Higher populations may promote lodging without increasing yield.

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