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Agronomy Research Summary - 2018

Every year, DuPont Pioneer agronomists turn data from thousands of on-farm grower trials into key insights that can help you improve production practices and increase yields. Learn about Pioneer® GrowingPoint® agronomy and view highlights from trials conducted in your area.

Download Full Report.Download Full Report. (PDF 41 MB) Updated for 2018.

Corn Breeding History

Corn Planting Practices

Corn Growth and Development

Corn Disease Management

Corn Management

Corn Harvest Practices

Phosphorous and Potassium Fertility

Micronutrient Fertility

Insects and Other Pests

Soybean Management

Soybean Diseases, Insects, and Weeds

Forage Management

Sorghum Production

Wheat Management

*Research conducted as a part of the DuPont Pioneer Crop Management Research Awards (CMRA) Program. This program provides funds for agronomic and precision farming studies by university and USDA cooperators throughout North America. The awards extend for up to four years and address crop management information needs of DuPont Pioneer agronomists and customers, and Pioneer sales professionals.