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2016 Estimated Corn Growth Stages

This overview estimates growth stage across the U.S. Click a location marker to view GDUs, precipitation and additional details for each location.


Move the slider bar to get a weekly perspective of growth stages throughout the season.

Click a location marker to view details
Data is estimated using the Pioneer Growing Degree Unit Calculator, PrecipEstimator and Corn Growth Stage Estimator and is provided for informational use only.

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Growth stage estimates are generated for areas corresponding to USDA Agricultural Statistics Service Crop Reporting Districts (CRD) with significant corn acres. These CRD estimates are calculated using representative weather, reported dates of 50% corn planting completion and typical maturity (CRM) hybrids in each CRD. The resulting representative Growth Stages, GDU and Precip are only estimates- actual field observations will be varied and not synchronous.