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February 26, 2013

New York and New England: Well we are less than a month away from when corn was first planted in 2012! Sure that was a combination of good weather and curiosity, but there is little doubt that 2013 planting is coming fast. Here are some solid tips on how you can optimize your rig in the shop right now so you are ready to roll.

Planter Settings Calculator - get the most out of your seed and planter. Correlate settings with your batch number for optimal planting.

Planting Rate Estimator - DuPont Pioneer invests heavily in product specific population research, with a location at Aurora, NY adding to the overall data set. Take advantage of this investment for your own operation by looking at our calculator.

When is too early to plant corn? What are the optimal growing conditions, genetic differences, impact of residue and soil temperature fluctuations?

See what NCGA winners are doing. Hybrid selection, rotation, fertility, planting date and other decisions will help you increase your products performance.

Is Shredlage Right for You? There has been a lot of local interest around shredlage the past year. Randy Shaver of Wisconsin shared his thoughts at Miner/Cornell Crop Congress.

Alfalfa Having Trouble with Aphanomyces Race 1 or Race 2? Pioneer® brand alfalfa variety 55V50 delivers a high level of resistance to both races, and is the choice in less than well-drained soils.

Delivering yield of 113% of checks in the 2010-2012 Cornell Performance Trials.

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