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lGF4N_Idfrs|640|360|Seeding Alfalfa for Optimum Stands |DuPont Pioneer dairy account manager Matt Laubach shares helpful advice for optimizing stands when seeding alfalfa.|05:27

GoCzBWSwsdE|640|360|Pioneer Silage Zone - Quality Alfalfa|Pioneer sales rep, Jared Dauk of Seed Concepts in Pulaski, WI, discusses DuPont Pioneer’s quality lineup of elite alfalfa genetics with Mike Johnston, DuPont Pioneer Technical Product Manager.|02:41

oriJx3Dqst4|640|360|Pioneer Silage Zone - Assessing Optimum Corn Silage Harvest Timing|Pioneer sales rep, Kurt Afdahl, discusses timing corn silage harvest for maximum quality and tonnage.|03:51