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Pioneer Accounts


How Do I Create An Account?
All users will need to complete registration on to successfully create an account. Click the register link in the upper left hand corner of the site to get started. 

Tell me more about activating my account.
Activate your account by using a secure link that arrives via e-mail. Enter your Business Partner ID and a valid Email address and the link will be sent to your inbox. Call your sales rep or your account manager for your ID number.

What does "Activate my Account" mean?
For your security, your account must be activated before you can start viewing your personal information. The activation process validates your registration information with your Business Partner ID.

Are my accounts secure?
Yes. Pioneer has taken many steps to ensure security of your account information online. Here are the steps Pioneer has taken to ensure security: Before any customer can access personal information or account information, their account must be registered on the site. A confirmation letter will also be sent to the address of record, letting you know your account has been activated.

  • Secure pages. Wherever you see the "locked" icon , the page has been secured through encryption (SSL with 128 bit encryption) so data transferred over the internet cannot be intercepted by anyone other than the target user.
  • Username and Password. After a user has "activated" their account, the user must continue to provide a unique username and password to view personal information.

How often is the invoice information updated?
Invoice information is typically updated within 24 hours once your sales professional sends the changes to Pioneer electronically.

Who do I call with Product Account questions?
Please contact your Pioneer sales professional for any questions you may have on your Account Activity Summary.

What is a Unit Summary?
The unit summary provides you with the list of products and total units of each product you have been invoiced for under a specific account description. The unit summary also provides total units invoiced by product line (corn, soybeans, etc.) Each unit summary page will reflect all unit activity from your account "Activity Detail" page for the respective account description. Sample and replant units invoiced for the account description will be displayed with Smpl (sample) and Rplt (replant) labels.

Why do I need provide a valid email address to have an account on
A valid email address is required for you to complete online Pioneer account transactions on This ensures that you receive confirmation when you schedule a payment, make a payment, delete a payment, update a payment and/or electronically sign a technology agreement.

What are the security questions for?
Pioneer is committed to providing you with the best security possible when accessing your account online. The answers to your security questions allow us to verify that you are in fact, you, by presenting you with two questions that only YOU can answer. If you don't answer the questions correctly, you will not gain access to your accounts and will need to call our support line at 1-800-233-7333 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, Central time. Learn more about Pioneer’s commitment to data security.