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The account detail screen shows one of my Pre-Season discounts backed out and replaced with an Early Season discount.
In this case, the guidelines required for the Pre-Season discount program were not met. In many cases, this means payment was not received within the defined program period.

My account shows an adjustment for Quantity Savings.
Many things affect Quantity Savings. If quantity savings is adjusted to a higher level, most likely you have invoiced more product or another account on the same invoice has purchased additional product, thus raising the quantity savings level. If quantity savings moved lower, in most cases the adjustment will be made because of product returns and changes in the invoice volume.

I purchased more product and moved to the next level of quantity savings, but the savings on the screen is less than what I think it should be. How can you explain the difference?
Quantity savings is based on the gross retail value of Pioneer products you purchase before any additional charges, such as seed treatments. When you purchase enough product to move up to the next quantity savings level, your savings are calculated on all products you have purchased to date, not just the purchases made on a single invoice. The quantity savings amount represented on a specific invoice is a result of taking total qualifying purchases, multiplying them by the quantity savings level, and subtracting all quantity savings amounts previously credited to the account. The following example illustrates this idea:

You initially purchased $13,000 worth of Pioneer products, which would qualify you for 8% quantity savings.

$13,000 @ 8% = $1040

A week later, you came back to your sales rep and purchased an additional $950 worth of product before any additional charges, which would bump you up to the 9% quantity savings level.

On the screen, you will see the quantity savings entry as a savings of $215.50. This is because you have already received $1040 of quantity savings. Quantity savings is calculated on total gross retail value of the seed, so your total gross value after your second invoice is $13,950.

$13,950 @ 9% = $1255.50

Since you have already received the $1040.00 as quantity savings, the system gives you only the additional savings above that from the second invoice.

The additional savings is then:

$1255.55 - $1040.00 = $215.50

I can see entries where similar products are ordered and subsequently returned & re-invoiced. What's happening?
Typically, this happens when you want/need to switch hybrids or varieties or make kernel size changes. The product you originally invoiced needs to be returned and the product you are actually receiving needs to be put back on the invoice.

I invoiced some additional product and I still have a balance. How can I take care of that?
If you are a cash customer, you can let your sales professional know you want to pay your balance and simply write a check or initiate an electronic payment in the Invoice and Balance Info tab on The sales professional can then give you a receipt and send the check to the appropriate place. If you are a Deferred Payment customer, let your sales professional know you would like to take care of your balance and they can process the balance and give you a Deferred Payment receipt.

I returned some product and now have a credit on my do I get my refund?
If you feel you will not use the credit towards the purchase of additional Pioneer products that season, you may call your sales professional and ask for a refund to be processed on your account. If you have paid cash for the product, you should receive a check by mail for your refund. If you have a Deferred Payment Loan, that refund will be applied toward the loan to decrease your principal balance.

My Account Activity Summary screen shows I have a zero balance, but I know I have a Deferred Payment Loan balance. Where can I look up my Deferred Payment (DP) Loan information?
You can view your Deferred Payment information by going back to the Invoice and Balance Info tab and clicking on the link labeled "View Deferred Payment Loans". There you can find your principal balance, interest balance, and print payment coupons.

What are Pending Documents?
Pending documents are documents that are displayed, but not yet processed due to a requirement not yet being met (i.e. Deferred Payment loan not yet approved). Pending documents will display the line amount and transaction description, but will not affect the running balance of the account.

What does my Loan Status mean?

  • Balance Sheet Status (Loan Application Status): the status of the actual balance sheet and its
  • Loan Agreement Status: the status of your loan agreement and its standing
  • Secured Loan Status: states whether collateral is required for a loan and the status of that specific
  • What are Error Documents?
    Error documents are documents being held from processing due to an error in their entry (i.e. incorrect product code). Error documents will be displayed on the line activity, but show no descriptions or line amount.

    Can I see previous years/seasons?
    Yes. Up to two years of invoicing detail is available to be viewed for your accounts. Typically this includes the current season and a prior year.