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About Pioneer Field360 Notes

Keep your fields at your fingertips and capture important information with this GPS powered field documentation tool. Pioneer Field360 Notes pinpoints your field location via satellite imagery so you can record notes or photos on the spot. Instantly organize your crop scouting information by location to save or share, putting timely growing season info in your hands with your preferred mobile device.

Plus, DuPont Pioneer customers can see field boundaries right on the map and record notes tied to each field. Customers can also send and receive notes from their local Pioneer team.


  • Displays field boundaries for DuPont Pioneer customers
  • Easy to use interface; available for Android® smartphones
  • Instantly map and organize data with notes and photos
  • Share your data from the field via email

Pioneer Field360 Notes is currently available as a free app for Android smartphones. Download from Google Play to get started.


Your Pioneer Field360 Notes login varies by type of user.


  • Customers and Guests - Log in with your login and password. Call 1-800-233-7333 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time if you have forgotten your login, or register if you do not already have an account.
  • Pioneer Sales Professionals - Log in with your Pioneer (phiext) login and password. Call 1-877-746-6337, option 1, option 1 for login and password assistance.
  • Pioneer employees - Log in with your Pioneer (phibred) login and password. Call 1-877-746-6337, option 1, option 1 for login and password assistance.


Log in screen 

NOTE: This app is intended to be used by one user per device. User will remain logged in, but will be prompted for a password at re-entry every 2 weeks.

Create a note

Create a new note by tapping the + (plus sign) in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap to add a new note.

When the New Note window opens, tap the tab for each section - Notes, Photo, Location, and Tags - to add details. See each section below for details. Tap Save when you have entered all details.

New Note window

Notes Tab

Tap the title and/or notes area to bring up the keyboard so you can type.

Tap, then type a title. Tap and type your notes.

Photo tab

Add a photo
You can add up to 10 photos to a note. Photos will be visible if the note is shared with other users, and will be included as attachments if the note is sent by E-mail.

To add a photo:

  1. Tap an empty photo space to add a photo.

    Tap to add an image.

  2. Tap to select either Take Photo or Choose Existing Photo.

    Add Photo window

    • Take Photo: You will be prompted to take a photo using the camera on your mobile device. After taking the photo, tap the Save button at the bottom of the Preview screen.
    • Choose Photo: Browse the photos available on your mobile device and tap to browse the albums, or select an image.

View a photo
Tap any photo on the PHOTO tab to view in full-size.

To return to the Note, press the back button on your phone.

back button NOTE:  Button location and appearance varies by phone.

Remove a photo
To remove a photo:

  1. Tap on the photo to bring up in the preview screen.
  2. Tap the trashcan icon at the bottom of the preview screen.
  3. Tap Yes.
 Tap the trashcan icon.

Location Tab

If you are connected to the Internet and have a GPS-enabled device, the location will automatically populate based on the current GPS coordinates of your smartphone. Therefore, if you are standing in the field for which you are making a note you should not need to adjust the location. However, you do have the option to change the location to a different map point than where you are standing, or you may want to come back later and set the location if you were not connected to the Internet when you entered the note.

  1. On the location tab, touch and slide your finger to move the map, or pinch/spread your fingers to zoom in/out.
  2. When you find the desired location, touch and hold your finger on the screen until the Move Note/Cancel dialogue appears.
  3. Tap Move Note.

NOTE: If the location matches the location of a field in Pioneer FIT® Studio (i.e., a yellow highlighted field), the field value will also populate.

Touch and hold the new location.

Map Options
By default, the map appears in Hybrid view, which means that it shows roads, labels, and other landmarks overlaid on satellite imagery. You can choose Satellite only, or Standard (roads, labels, and landmarks only) by tapping the map options icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Tap the options icon.

You can also force a GPS location check by clicking the GPS icon in the lower left corner of the screen. This will reset the map location to the current GPS location.

Tap to look for GPS coordinates.

Tags tab

The Tags feature allows you to select from lists of Pioneer® Brand Products and Agronomic Conditions. You can add multiple products and conditions to a single note for easy retrieval in the future.

Add tags
o add a tag, start typing the name of the tag in the search box, then tap to select from the choices offered. Repeat until you have added all desired tags. You can add tags on new or existing notes for which you are the author.

Tap the search line and type the tag. 

Remove a tag
To remove a tag, tap the tag to select, then tap the trashcan icon in the top right corner.

Tap the trashcan icon.

View an existing note

You can browse by category, search by keyword, or locate a note on the map to retrieve and view details for existing notes. Tap any tag in your results list to view note details.

Browse Categories
The Categories view allows you to filter notes by the following attributes:

  • All Notes: All notes available to your login.
  • My Notes: All notes authored by you.
  • Shared Notes: All notes authored by others that have been shared with you.
  • All Categories: Drill down by tag, year, or Operation name by tapping the options on the screen. When viewing by Operation name, customers will be able to view only their Farms and Fields. Pioneer Sales Professionals will be able to select from customer Operations.

To change the current view, tap the List or Map option in the top left corner just to the right of the Field360 Notes icon and select a new category.

Tap to select a category view.

From within any category (e.g., All Notes, My Notes, etc.) you can further limit your results with a keyword search.

  1. Tap the magnifying glass icon above your notes list.
  2. Tap the search line and type in your keyword(s).
  3. Results will appear as you type.

Tap to search.

Search results screen.

Map Browse
From within any category, you can also view your browse or search results in map view. By default, results will display with the Detail view. Tap Map view to change the display mode.

Tap to switch to Map View.

Map View screen.

Edit a note

In detail view of any note that you have authored, you can make edits to a note by tapping the Pencil icon at the bottom right of the screen within the note.

Tap to edit a Note.

In the Edit Note view, tap any element -- Note, Photo, Location or Tags -- to edit.

When finished making edits, tap the Save button at the top right corner of the window.

Delete a note

You may delete any note you authored by tapping the trashcan icon at the bottom right corner of the screen, then tap Yes at the prompt. This action cannot be reversed!

Tap to delete a Note.

Share notes

Notes can be shared with other interested parties by sending an E-mail to anyone, or by sharing the note with other Pioneer Field360 Notes users who also have access to the Field marked on the note.

E-mail a note

You can E-mail any note available to you (even notes you did not author) to any E-mail address.

  1. In the note, click the E-mail icon.

    Tap to E-mail a Note.

  2. Your default E-mail client opens in Compose mode. Fill in the E-mail address(es) of recipients.
  3. Tap send to send the note to recipient(s). Images and map location will be included as attachments.

Hint: If you want to print a note, you could E-mail the note to yourself and then retrieve the E-mail on a computer that is attached to a printer.

Share a note

The Share feature allows users to share notes that have a Field with all other users that are also associated with that Field. This can be a great way for a customer to share a note with a Pioneer Sales Professional, or for a Pioneer Sales Professional to share a note with a customer. By default, notes are set to No Sharing (i.e., viewable only by the author) and must be changed to Share mode to be viewable to other users.

Change Share status

  1. Retrieve the note you want to share/unshare, or set sharing status when creating a new note.
  2. Tap the checkbox to share/unshared the note.

    Tap to enable sharing
  3. Tap the Save button at the top right corner of the screen.

View shared notes
You can view notes that have been shared with you by selecting the category Shared Notes when browsing by category.

Notes that you have shared, or that have been shared with you, are also marked in List view with icons.

Shared by User icon Indicates a note that you authored and are sharing with other users.
Shared with User icon Indicates a note authored by someone else that has been shared with you.


Data is automatically synced with the central server when your mobile device is connected to the Internet (i.e., 3G or Wi-fi connection). You can tell when your data was last synced by looking at the bottom of the screen when in List or Map view.

Sync date and time message

In order to see which notes have not been synced with the central server, use the Categories browse to view All Notes. Notes that are pending synchronization will be labeled and shown at the top.

Pending synchronization message 

IMPORTANT: It is important to regularly synchronize your notes. In the event that the app needs to be reinstalled on your mobile device, any unsynchronized data will be lost.

Change cellular data settings
By default, the Pioneer Field 360 Notes app is set to use any Internet connection available (data rates may apply for cellular data). You can change your settings to use only a wi-fi connection. Note, however, that the app is most useful when you can actively use it in the field where wi-fi connections are unlikely to be available. Limiting to wi-fi will severely limit app features in the field!

  1. On your device desktop, tap the Settings icon, if available.
  2. Select Field Notes.
  3. Touch the Use Cellular Data checkbox. If checked, you are using wi-fi or cellular data (default). If unchecked, you can only connect on wi-fi.

Support contacts

For assistance with Pioneer Field360 Notes, please use the following support contacts:


  • Customers and Guest Users - contact Pioneer Web Support at 1-800-233-7333.
  • Pioneer Sales Professionals and Employees - contact Field Sales Support at 1-877-PIONEER, option 1, option 3, option 6.



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