Pioneer GrowingPoint® Magazine – December Highlights

Pioneer GrowingPoint® Magazine

Balancing work and family
Growers discuss some of the difficulties of going to family events when there’s plenty of work to be done. While planting and harvesting demand timely (and time-consuming) attention, most growers find ways to balance the needs of the farm and the needs of the family.

Soybeans and fungicides
When soybean prices are relatively high, growers are more likely to consider practices such as foliar fungicide applications. Find out some of the ways operations are benefiting from this potentially valuable input as well as when it may not pay off so well.

Unwrap or save that tax deduction?
Columnists Kent Vickre and Dwight Raab walk through some pre-New Year's planning on tax deductions. They remind growers to consider more than 2014 tax mitigation opportunities. Look at how decisions will impact longer-term farm finances.

Next Issue

Look for the following articles, scheduled to run in the January 2014 issue of Pioneer GrowingPoint® magazine.

√  More from every drop. Water supplies are likely to become increasingly limited for a variety of reasons. DuPont Pioneer continues to look for ways to help growers use water resources more efficiently.
√  Yielding rain or shine. Optimum® AQUAmax® hybrids are providing growers the ability to produce higher yields in dry conditions while still delivering top yields in more ideal growing environments. Learn how.
√  Managing soybeans for higher yields. When growers put an emphasis on good management, they often can raise the bar on soybean yields. Find out ways to up the ante on soybean performance.




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