Pioneer alfalfa varieties with Genuity® Roundup Ready® technology

Alfalfa is no longer a one-size-fits-all crop, when selecting a variety, growers face challenges with variations in moisture, temperature, disease and pest pressure from season to season, field to field and acre to acre. Pioneer has a long tradition of providing growers the broadest package of choices to fit their individual needs and help their bottom line.  Adding the Genuity® Roundup (GENRR) Ready® technology to Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties adds yet another choice to our already extensive lineup.

The GENRR gene enables growers to control grass and broadleaf weeds with a single glyphosate herbicide application, resulting in a simplified, cost-effective weed management program while maintaining crop and feed safety. This weed control program can lead to cleaner, higher-quality hay.

PDF File Alfalfa Varieties with GENRR Offer Benefits Worth Considering (PDF 2 MB)
PDF File Product Use Guide (GENRR) (PDF 185 KB)
PDF File Economics Sheet (GENRR) (PDF 1 MB)
PDF File 55VR05 (GENRR) Profile (PDF 37 KB)
PDF File 54VR03 (GENRR) Profile (PDF 36 KB)
PDF File 53VR03 (GENRR) Profile (PDF 35 KB)
PDF File 54QR04 (GENRR) Profile (PDF 37 KB)
PDF File 54R02 (GENRR) Profile (PDF 39 KB)
PDF File 54R01 (GENRR) Profile (PDF 38 KB)



Alfalfa containing the Genuity® Roundup Ready® technology is for sale and planting only in the United States, and not for the production of sprouts or seed. Any product produced from an alfalfa crop or seed containing the Roundup Ready gene, including hay and hay products, may only be used, exported to, processed or sold in countries where regulatory approvals have been granted.  It is a violation of national and international law to move material containing biotech traits across boundaries into nations were import is not permitted. Always read and follow pesticide label directions. Crops that contain the Roundup Ready gene confer tolerance to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup® agricultural herbicides. Roundup agricultural herbicides will kill plants that are not tolerant to glyphosate.

Roundup Ready®, Roundup® and Genuity® are registered trademarks used under license from Monsanto Company.


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