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Find Corn Hybrids

See Pioneer® brand corn products for your local area that can maximize yield potential on every acre.

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Corn Yield Data

See how Pioneer® brand products are performing in your area and around the country.

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Seed Traits & Technologies

DuPont Pioneer provides industry-leading genetics and trait packages to help growers improve on-farm profitability.

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Northern Corn Belt Corn & Silage Crop Tour

Get insights on Corn & Corn Silage crop conditions from experienced DuPont Pioneer field teams.

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Corn Insect and Disease Guide

This guide provides tips for scouting most corn insects and common diseases.

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Corn Yield Estimator

Use this tool to estimate preharvest yields.

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#YieldHero Contest

Share your harvest photo featuring Pioneer® brand products with us on Twitter from Aug. 15 to Oct. 23, 2016 for a chance to win.

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Monitor Fields for Stalk Quality

Get tips on preventing stalk problems from reducing harvestable yield.

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Managing for Delayed Corn Crop Development

Learn more about the possible impacts of cool temperatures and an early freeze on corn development, field drydown, yield, harvest, artificial drying and storing of grain.

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Tips for Managing Cover Crops

Cover crops can offer multiple benefits to corn and soybean cropping systems, but they also introduce new management challenges.

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Find Your Local Pioneer Team

Search for your local Pioneer team members.

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Managing Corn Residue

Corn residue should be managed during combining.

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Walking Your Fields® newsletter connects you to your DuPont Pioneer agronomist throughout the growing season. It provides quick and concise agronomic information to help add value to your overall farm management strategy.

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More Corn Information

See even more information on corn products, such as End-Use, Packaging and more.

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Impact of Corn Stover Harvest

Understand details on how corn stover harvest for biofuels affects corn productivity, and find recommendations for the practice in your fields.

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