Day 1 Reports - Midwest Crop Tour

Monday, August 19, 2013

Eastern Route Stephanie Smith, Field Agronomist

Map: Day 1 Eastern Route

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Photo: Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith
Field Agronomist

DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Report

Eastern Route - Day 1
Starts in Columbus, Ohio, and ends in Fishers, Ind.

Report from northeast Indiana

  • We're behind on GDU accumulation and the corn crop is moving backward a little bit. Our solar radiation accumulation has really decreased with the cloudy days from late July through August. We’re seeing a lot of tip-back in fields because of this.
  • Corn crop foliage looks superb, but once we get out in fields and pull husks back, we’re seeing quite a bit of tip-back on ears.
  • We’re seeing a little bit more nitrogen deficiency in fields.
  • SDS is becoming quite prominent in the area as a result of wet soils at planting and compaction problems.
  • The moist, cool conditions have been ideal for white mold development and we’re seeing significant problems in some areas. If a susceptible variety was planted, fields are definitely getting hit with the disease.

Local Crop Report (02:14)

Photos - Northeast Indiana

Great weather conditions prevailed during pollination, however, low solar radiation accumulation has caused a lot of tip-back in northeast Indiana. Photo taken near North Manchester, Ind.

White mold is starting to spread quickly in soybeans fields in northeast Indiana. The competitive variety on the right is very susceptible while the Pioneer® brand variety on the left is tolerant.  White mold can have a devastating yield impact. Photo taken in Clunette, Ind.
The area has had great conditions for soybeans to pod, however, internode spacing is much farther apart than last year. Tall beans don't typically have record yields.  Photo taken near Fort Wayne, Ind.

Virg Robinson What do the Final Numbers Mean?
Virg Robinson, DuPont Pioneer market analysis manager, provides his perspective of the final numbers calculated following the Midwest Crop Tour.




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