Day 2 Reports - Midwest Crop Tour

Virg Robinson What do the Final Numbers Mean?
Virg Robinson, DuPont Pioneer market analysis manager, provides his perspective of the final numbers calculated following the Midwest Crop Tour.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eastern Route Kelli Bassett, DuPont Pioneer Agronomist
Map: Day 2 Eastern Route

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Photo: Kelli Bassett
Kelli Bassett
DuPont Pioneer Agronomist

DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Report

Eastern Route - Day 2
Starts in Fishers, Ind., and ends in Bloomington, Ill.

Factors that are Making 2014 a Good Crop Year

  • Weather
  • Soil Conditions
  • Soil Fertility
  • Low Disease and Insect Pressure

Monday’s USDA Crop Ratings noted that over 80% of corn in Illinois is rated good to excellent.

Crop conditions between Jerseyville, Springfield, Decatur and Mattoon in Illinois.

  • Most corn is at the 1/2 milkline stage and in good condition. We’re seeing little disease except for some northern corn leaf blight and diplodia. Ear counts are high with good kernel set and grain fill is now occurring.
  • Soybeans look healthy with a few areas reporting some sudden death syndrome and white mold. Pod counts are good and soybean height seems taller than usual. Most soybeans are in R6 to full seed. Overall, soybeans look very good.

Corn conditions near Springfield, Illinois (Sangamon County)

  • Most April-planted corn is at 1/2 milkline.
  • With summer-like temperatures finishing out the month of August, the crop may catch up in maturity but not likely more than a few days. The crop is about 200 GDUs behind and we can’t make that up as fast as we lost it unless we have summer conditions through September.
  • The late rain will help finish the crop with added weight to kernels. At dent stage it is using 0.2” of an inch of moisture per day and by 1/2 milkline it’s using 0.18” of an inch per day.
  • Ear consistency is good. Stalks are good at this point.

Soybean conditions near Springfield (Sangamon County)

  • We saw crusting, damping off and cold injury early but soybeans made it through and fields look good.
  • Sudden death syndrome started to appear as pod fill was occurring.
  • In July, Springfield experienced 16 nights with temperatures in the 50s, 10 nights in the 60s and 4 nights in the 70s. The late rains that moved across Illinois will help seed size and retain any late pods for better yields.

Local Crop Report (01:24)

Photos - Central Illinois
Photo: Corn closeup
Kernels not yet dented in this field near Sibley, Ill. (Ford County).
Photo: Corn field
Drought stress and lodging caused by corn rootworms seen in this field
near Colfax, Ill. (McLean County).

The foregoing is provided for informational use only. Please contact your authorized Pioneer sales professional for information and suggestions specific to your operation. Product performance is variable and depends on many factors such as moisture and heat stress, soil type, management practices and environmental stress as well as disease and pest pressures. Individual results may vary.


Check out the map below to get precipitation, GDUs and corn growth stages.

Click a location marker to view details and get started.

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Data is estimated using the Pioneer Growing Degree Unit Calculator, PrecipEstimator and Corn Growth Stage Estimator and is provided for informational use only. Click here to see how data is calculated for each location. Actual information may vary.

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