Day 4 Reports - Midwest Crop Tour

Virg Robinson What do the Final Numbers Mean?
Virg Robinson, DuPont Pioneer market analysis manager, provides his perspective of the final numbers calculated following the Midwest Crop Tour.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eastern Route Jerome Lensing, Product Agronomist
Map: Day 4 Eastern Route

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Photo: Jerome Lensing
Jerome Lensing
Product Agronomist

DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Report

Eastern Route - Day 4
Starts in Iowa City, Iowa and ends in Rochester, Minn.

Report from southern Minnesota

  • Overall, the corn crop is in good to very good condition. The area received a nice rain overnight.
  • Most of the corn in the area is about at the milk stage. The biggest agronomic issue in corn is nitrogen deficiency caused by early spring rains.
  • Soybeans are in the R4 growth stage or beyond. Overall, aphid pressure is low to moderate. The last few days of higher temperatures and rain have helped decrease populations.

Local Crop Report (00:46)

Josh Shofner, DuPont Pioneer agronomist, reporting from southeast Minnesota


Photos - Southern Minnesota
White mold in a field near Farmington, Minn.
Close-up of white mold in the soybean canopy. Photo taken near Farmington, Minn.
Ears from a field in northern Renville County in Minnesota. Nice uniformity and a couple kernels are dented. Field is estimated to yield 211 bu/acre.




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