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Corn End-Use Products

End-Use Products
DuPont Pioneer delivers more seed product choices that target specific end uses than any other seed company in the industry - high yielding agronomically sound seed products that growers want to plant, grain that end users value. Pioneer brings both.

Ethanol (HTF)
Extensive Pioneer research shows there can be up to a 7% variation in ethanol yield potential (EYP) among different corn hybrids. To identify hybrids best suited for ethanol, Pioneer has taken the lead in characterizing its corn hybrids for their dry-grind ethanol production potential.

PDF File (PDF 369 KB) See North America HTF ethanol Products. (PDF 369 KB)

Pork / Poultry (HAE)
Today, more than 70% of the U.S. total annual corn grain productions are consumed by livestock and poultry feeding operations either at home or abroad. Pork and poultry species account for about 54% of that 70% total. As the world's leading supplier of hybrid seed corn, Pioneer understands that available energy content of corn grain is the key value driver for corn use in pork and poultry.

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Corn Refining (HES and WAXY)
As demand for corn processing grows, increasing productivity is essential at every step in the wet milling value chain. Pioneer is combining more than 80 years of corn breeding expertise with accelerated technologies to increase grain and starch yields for today's growers and processors.

PDF File (PDF 403 KB) See North America HES / WAXY Products. (PDF 403 KB)

Food-Grade Corn Hybrids
PioneerĀ® brand food-grade corn hybrids are designated as food-grade yellow, food-grade white and hard-textured corn hybrids.

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Hybrids for End Use
Find a list of Pioneer end-use hybrids available in your area.

Pioneer End-Use Team
Contact Pioneer experts for more information about the company's end-use products.

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