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Qrome™ Products Commercial Program

Qrome™ Products Commercial Program

The Pioneer® brand Qrome™ Products Commercial Program provides an opportunity for select growers to preview new Qrome products during this limited commercial introduction. With this program, growers are required to implement certain stewardship responsibilities specific to use of Qrome products.

As part of the grower’s responsibilities for Qrome products, material containing this technology must be used in a manner consistent with Qrome Grain Stewardship. Additional stewardship details are contained in the Qrome Product Stewardship Agreement (QPSA), which growers must execute at the time of invoicing. Qrome products are approved for cultivation in the U.S. and Canada and have also received approval in a number of countries. DuPont Pioneer continues to pursue additional import approvals for Qrome, including in China, in accordance with Excellence Through Stewardship product launch guidance. Grain and certain by-products produced from Qrome cannot be marketed in unapproved locations, including China, until the applicable approval is granted. Growers can refer to for updated information on import country approvals. Until further notice, Qrome products can only be sold to and planted by growers who agree to use the grain as feed for livestock on their own farming operation or agree to only sell their grain directly to producers who agree to feed this grain to their livestock. No export of grain produced from Qrome products is currently permitted as part of stewardship requirements.


Qrome™ Product Stewardship Agreement


A QPSA must be electronically signed prior to invoicing of any Pioneer brand Qrome products

This agreement contains detailed requirements of the Qrome products program


Grain From Qrome Products Fed On Farm or Locally


Fed on grower’s farm OR

Sold to local producer to be fed on their farm


Meetings With DuPont Pioneer Account Manager


Discuss Qrome products program with Account Manager in three meetings – prior to seed delivery, prior to planting, and prior to harvest

Grower must verify grain disposition plan and address questions about the Qrome products program

If plans for the planting location, field management, or grain disposition of products under the Qrome products program change at any time, the grower must notify DuPont Pioneer of such changes


Planting Considerations


Qrome products will be delivered with Special Instructions bag tags and will not be comingled with other non-Qrome products on the same pallet. Grower is to keep these product segregated from other corn products prior to planting

Grower to identify locations where Qrome products are being planted to DuPont Pioneer

Growers are responsible for communicating and being aware of planting intentions of neighbors and gauge the need for any appropriate coexistence best management practices


Equipment Cleaning


Ensure all Qrome products are planted in fields identified to Account Manager and clean out planter boxes after planting

Clean areas of the combine following harvest where debris and grain collection on the machine are visible


Subsequent Year Field Management


Each field planted to Qrome products should be rotated to a non-corn or sorghum crop and include a herbicide program to manage volunteer corn OR

If rotation away from corn is not possible, all corn grain produced in the field in 2018 must be fed on-farm or locally



Qrome® Herculex® XTRA LibertyLink® Roundup Ready® Corn 2 YieldGard® Corn Borer Agrisure® RW
Q (Qrome®) - Contains a single-bag integrated refuge solution for above- and below-ground insects. The major component contains the Agrisure® RW trait, the YieldGard® Corn Borer gene, and the Herculex® XTRA genes. In EPA-designated cotton growing counties, a 20% separate corn borer refuge must be planted with Qrome products. Qrome products are approved for cultivation in the U.S. and Canada and have also received import approval in a number of importing countries. DuPont Pioneer continues to pursue additional import approvals for Qrome products, including in China, in accordance with Excellence Through Stewardship Product Launch Guidance.

Herculex® XTRA insect protection technology by Dow AgroSciences and Pioneer Hi-Bred. Herculex® and the HX logo are registered trademarks of Dow AgroSciences LLC. YieldGard®, the YieldGard Corn Borer design and Roundup Ready® are registered trademarks used under license from Monsanto Company. LibertyLink® and the Water Droplet Design are trademarks of Bayer. Agrisure® is a registered trademark of, and used under license from, a Syngenta Group Company. Agrisure® technology incorporated into these seeds is commercialized under a license from Syngenta Crop Protection AG.


PIONEER® brand products are provided subject to the terms and conditions of purchase which are part of the labeling and purchase documents.