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Optimum® Intrasect® Insect Protection


Optimum® Intrasect® Insect Protection

  • Optimum® Intrasect® insect protection is a combination of two proven and trusted insect protection traits – Herculex® I and YieldGard® Corn Borer.
  • Optimum Intrasect products from DuPont Pioneer deliver a choice to reduce refuge, maximize yield and preserve valuable Bt technology.
  • Hybrids are developed locally to deliver maximum performance on your farm in a wide range of conditions.

Reduced Refuge

Delivering the lowest refuge level available:

  • 5% in the Corn Belt
  • 20% in EPA-designated cotton counties

By combining the highly effective Herculex I and YieldGard Corn Borer traits, Optimum Intrasect insect protection allows growers to reduce the amount of above-ground refuge and plant more insect protection on more acres.

Maximized Yields

Growers have come to trust the performance of the Herculex I and YieldGard Corn Borer traits for broad-spectrum protection of their yields. The combination of these traits in our elite corn hybrids will help deliver performance on more of a grower’s acres – both in the field and at harvest.

Technology Preservation

Combining traits for above-ground insect protection helps create opportunities to minimize the risk of insect resistance and maximize the viability of in-plant protection in the future.

Optimum® Intrasect insect protection refuge in Corn Belt (5%)

Optimum® Intrasect® insect protection refuge in Corn Belt (5%)



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YGCB,HX1,LL,RR2 (Optimum® Intrasect®) - Contains the YieldGard® Corn Borer gene and Herculex® 1 gene for resistance to corn borer.
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