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Corn Seed Treatments - Poncho 1250 + VOTiVO


Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment - Corn

FST/IST/NST/Biological (Poncho® 1250 + VOTiVO®)

Enhanced Insect Protection Option

Pioneer customers can choose FST/IST/NST seed treatment on selected Pioneer® brand products where nematode or enhanced insect protection is needed.

According to Bayer, Poncho 1250 + VOTiVO provides a biological mode of action to protect corn seedlings and roots against nematodes. When VOTiVO is paired with Poncho, the result is consistently higher yields and a positive return on investment.

Poncho 1250 + VOTiVO Advantages:

  • With the 1250* rate of Poncho, growers get increased protection from wireworm, black cutworm, white grub and other early-season pests as well as protection from corn rootworm and billbug.
  • Biological mode of action protects against nematode damage from a wide range of species.
  • The bacteria in Poncho 1250 + VOTiVO colonize and grow around the root to create a living barrier of protection.
  • The product is very stable in the formulation, on the seed and in the root zone.
  • Maximizes early-season plant stands and vigor.
Control vs.Poncho® 1250 + VOTiVO®

Control (left) vs.Poncho® 1250 + VOTiVO® (right) corn root comparison.

* Poncho 1250 is the 1.25 mg AI/kernel application rate of Poncho 600. Poncho 1250 + VOTiVO is a blend of Poncho/VOTiVO and Poncho 600.

Raxil® fungicide option available for select hybrids and geographies.



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Seed treatment services may be provided by independent contracted sales professionals of Pioneer. Not all sales professionals offer the services, and costs may vary. See your Pioneer sales professional for details.

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