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Pioneer® Brand High Available Energy (HAE) Hybrids

Pioneer® brand Corn Hybrids Deliver More Available Energy

Today, more than 70% of the U.S. total annual corn grain productions are consumed by livestock and poultry feeding operations either at home or abroad. Pork and poultry species account for about 54% of that 70% total. As the world's leading supplier of hybrid seed corn, DuPont Pioneer understands that available energy content of corn grain is the key value driver for corn use in pork and poultry. Available Energy is the amount of the total gross energy in corn which can be utilized for growth and maintenance functions.

Since 1981, Pioneer's team of livestock nutritionists and researchers has evaluated corn grain to determine nutritional differences between hybrid platforms that are important for optimizing their use in animal rations.

As the graph below indicates, energy digestibility co-efficients of hybrids are not equal.

Energy Digestibility of #2 Yellow Corn Hybrids

With this in mind, Pioneer researchers target improvements in energy availability of hybrids to help meet the needs of the pork and poultry industries. The result is the Digestible Energy scoring system for Pioneer® brand products. Scores range from a low of 1 to high of 9 and those hybrids that score 6 or above are identified as:

PDF file High Available Energy (HAE)

Pioneer has created two distinct energy categories by applying the HAE designation only to hybrids that score 6 or higher. These hybrids have above average digestible energy values indexed to (1800 kcal/lb on a 100% dry basis; NRC, 1998).

These corn hybrid platforms provide higher concentrations of digestible energy (DE) which means that they have higher value in rations used for pork and poultry feeding.

Extensive Pioneer Research Data Backs Pioneer HAE Identified Hybrids


Digestible Energy content of grain produced from Pioneer brand hybrids is determined using whole grain samples and a Near Infrared Transmittance (NIRT) calibration developed by Pioneer scientists and incorporating more than 7 years of research. This NIRT calibration was developed, and will be maintained and improved, using reference data generated from unique hybrid grain samples that have been precision fed to pigs in our world class metabolism facility located at the Pioneer Livestock Nutrition Center. Pioneer has evaluated more than 450 diverse and unique hybrid corn grain samples and utilized 327 of those grain samples to complete this NIRT calibration.

Pioneer uses this NIRT analysis to characterize commercial hybrids for digestible energy. To date, more than 70,000 individual hybrid samples from Pioneer's extensive system of corn testing plots across the Corn Belt have been analyzed. Pioneer's investment in personnel and in laboratory and feeding facilities, positions Pioneer as a world-class leader in energy determination capability and has produced first-of-its-kind technology that directly predicts DE on whole grain samples.

HAE Hybrids from Pioneer Provide Value


HAE hybrids fit the number one goal of livestock producers: to efficiently transform grain energy into meat. Studies show pork and poultry producers benefit because animals are able to extract more digestible energy per acre from each unit of Pioneer HAE corn.

PDF File HAE hybrids from Pioneer deliver:
  • Higher digestible energy per pound of grain
  • Improved grain consistency and quality
  • More accurate and precise feed formulation
  • Less waste output due to increased digestibility
  • The industry-leading yield performance of Pioneer® brand hybrids.

Pioneer® brand Hybrids for High Available Energy


  • HAE corn hybrids from Pioneer offer pork or poultry producer's grain with above average digestible energy in high-yielding products.
  • The HAE designation is assigned to Pioneer® brand hybrids based on data from proprietary NIR analytical technology that was developed from extensive precision feeding trials.
  • To qualify as HAE, a Pioneer hybrid must possess superior DE when scored relative to other hybrids.
  • Every producer's needs are different. Your local Pioneer sales professional can suggest a package of HAE hybrids that can help deliver increased energy value for your feeding operation.

For additional information on High Available Energy Pioneer hybrids contact your local Pioneer sales professional or Dan Jones, Key Accounts Manager, Pork and Poultry.

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