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Pioneer® brand High Extractable Starch (HES) and Waxy Hybrids

Maximizing Yields From Your Fields

As demand for corn processing grows, increasing productivity is essential at every step in the wet milling value chain. DuPont Pioneer is combining more than 80 years of corn breeding expertise with accelerated technologies to increase grain and starch yields for today's growers and processors.

U.S. Corn Utilization:  2008 - 2009
Chart: U.S. Corn Utilization: 2008 - 2009

Pioneer® brand High Extractable Starch (HES) And Waxy Hybrids

Extensive Pioneer research emphasis on the HES trait, rather than total starch, has been key to optimizing wet milling starch yields with Pioneer® brand hybrids. Based upon years of research, Pioneer learned that the level of extractable starch in grain varies from hybrid to hybrid. Pioneer hybrids that are designated as HES products target a 2% advantage over the industry average for extractable starch.

  • Pioneer began screening hybrids for starch traits over 15 years ago, targeting waxy and conventional starch markets.
  • Pioneer end-use experts work with wet millers to determine their needs.
  • The HES designation is assigned to elite Pioneer hybrids based on data from over 120,000 Pioneer plot samples over the past eight years.

Chart: HES Extractable Starch and Waxy Hybrids

Improving Quality With Herculex® Insect Protection

Pioneer wet milling hybrids combined with Herculex® insect protection traits® help maximize grain yields and quality by:

  • Reducing insect damage to the grain and plant.
  • Reducing the possibility of mycotoxin presence.

These exciting technologies help ensure a more consistent supply of high quality grain for efficient wet milling production.

Higher Extractable Starch Yields Per Bushel, Expanded Marketing Opportunities For You

To help corn processors and growers accurately estimate HES hybrid productivity, Pioneer, in conjunction with the University of Illinois, helped develop a Near Infrared (NIR) rapid-analysis tool that measures the extractability of starch, enabling Pioneer to characterize those hybrids possessing the highest levels of extractable starch.

  • As a grower, you can use this information to make better hybrid decisions that may also help improve milling quality of the grain you deliver to the corn processor.
  • Providing top quality HES or Waxy corn to processors also helps expand your grain marketing opportunities.

Some grain companies are offering incentives and delivery premiums to growers who qualify under their HES contracting programs. For additional information on wet milling and these opportunities local Pioneer sales professional or Morrie Bryant, Key Accounts Manager - Corn Processing.

For additional information visit the Corn Refiners Association at

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