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Pioneer® brand HTF Ethanol Hybrids

Right feedstock. Right value.Maximizing Yields From Your Fields

As demand for renewable fuels grows, increasing productivity is essential at every step in the biofuels value chain. DuPont Pioneer is combining more than 80 years of corn breeding expertise with accelerated technologies to increase grain and ethanol yields for today's growers and processors.

Pioneer® brand High Total Fermentable (HTF) Ethanol Hybrids

Extensive Pioneer research shows there can be up to a 7% variation in ethanol yield potential (EYP) among different corn hybrids. To identify hybrids best suited for ethanol, Pioneer has taken the lead in characterizing its corn hybrids for their dry-grind ethanol production potential.

Ethanol yield potential

  • Pioneer® brand hybrids with above average EYP are designated as High Total Fermentable (HTF) ethanol hybrids. These ethanol corn hybrids deliver higher levels of fermentable starch, resulting in higher ethanol output.
  • Currently, more than 235 Pioneer brand ethanol hybrids are available across a wide range of maturities.

Improving Quality With Herculex® Insect Protection

Pioneer brand ethanol hybrids combined with Herculex® insect protection traits help maximize grain yields and quality by:

  • Reducing insect damage to the grain and plant.
  • Reducing the possibility of mycotoxin presence.

These exciting technologies help ensure a more consistent supply of high quality grain for efficient ethanol production.

Partner With Pioneer

Pioneer was the first plant genetics company with a dedicated corn breeding program for end-use grain. Pioneer is committed to identifying market opportunities and selecting hybrids and varieties with the right traits for growers and processors.

Pioneer offers customized solutions to all stakeholders in crop end-use markets. From growers to processors, Pioneer provides:

  • Outstanding products that are characterized for specific grain, food and feed needs.
  • Extensive industry relationships, marketing services and local agronomic support.
  • Enabling technologies.
  • Attractive seed and crop protection finance offerings.

Make Pioneer your supply-chain partner! Talk to your local Pioneer sales professional today.

Renewable Resources Vision

DuPont is putting science to work across the biofuels value chain, delivering a total package of crop inputs and processing technologies. The DuPont three-part biofuels strategy includes:

  • Improving existing ethanol production.
  • Technology to produce cellulosic biofuels.
  • Biobutanol partnership with BP and next-generation biofuels development.

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