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BOLT® Technology


BOLT® Technology for Soybeans

BOLT® Technology for Soybeans

An alternative herbicide system for cleaner fields and greater management flexibility.

What Are the Primary Benefits?

Pioneer® brand T Series soybeans with the BOLT® technology trait provide soybean growers with more weed control flexibility to help them manage glyphosate-resistant weeds from the start of the season. BOLT technology also enables growers to adjust their crop acres with changing market and growing conditions.

How Is It Unique?

Pioneer brand T series varieties powered by BOLT technology deliver:

  • New, more flexible burndown options not previously not available to soybean growers
  • Tolerant to residual cereal SU (sulfonylurea) herbicides in double-crop farming practices
  • A proven, effective system to help growers manage glyphosate weed resistance
  • BOLT is native (non-transgenic) technology
  • Pioneer brand T Series varieties with BOLT technology also contain the Glyphosate Tolerant trait and are tolerant to post-emerge applications of glyphosate herbicices.
  • BOLT technology is not the same as the DuPont™ STS® soybean system. BOLT technology provides superior tolerance to certain SU herbicides.
BOLT® Technology for Soybeans

For Spring Burndown Without the Planting Delay

  • BOLT technology will now enable growers to plant soybeans immediately following burndown treatments utilizing DuPont™ Leadoff® herbicide and DuPont™ Basis® Blend herbicide for effective, long-lasting control of weed problems. This practice can only be implemented using soybeans with BOLT technology.
  • Proven chemistries combined with zero-day plant-back provide cleaner fields well into the season for a stronger start.
  • BOLT technology gives growers the ability to control weeds early, react to changing weather conditions and take advantage of last minute market opportunities as they finalize planting decisions.
  • DuPont™ LeadOff® and DuPont™ Basis® Blend herbicides are labeled for burndown in soybean varieties with BOLT technology as well as corn hybrids, providing greater cropping flexibility.

For Plant-Back Flexibility in Wheat-Soybean Double-Crop Rotations

For wheat-soybean double-crop practices, soybean varieties with BOLT technology provide one of the shortest plant-back intervals in the industry following application of DuPont™ Finesse® cereal and fallow herbicide in wheat.

For Additional Pre-and Post-Emerge Weed Control Options

Pioneer brand soybeans with BOLT technology enable growers to control problem weeds by using SU herbicides at rates labeled for DuPont™ STS® soybean systems.


BOLT® technology

Always follow stewardship practices in accordance with the Product Use Guide (PUG) or other product-specific stewardship requirements including grain marketing and pesticide label directions. Varieties with BOLT® technology provide excellent plant-back flexibility for soybeans following application of SU (sulfonylurea) herbicides such as DuPont™ LeadOff® or DuPont™ Basis® Blend as a component of a burndown program or for double-crop soybeans following SU herbicides such as DuPont™ Finesse® applied to wheat the previous fall.