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11B91 – High-Moisture Corn Inoculant


11B91 – High-Moisture Corn Inoculant – Contains L. Buchneri

Pioneer® brand 11B91 high-moisture corn inoculant

Pioneer® brand 11B91 is a high-moisture corn inoculant product designed to:

  • Improve fermentation, retain nutrient content and enhance digestibility of ensiled high-moisture corn.
  • Use in high moisture corn ensiled at the proper maturity in upright, bunker or bag silos at moistures ranging from 22% to 32%.
  • Non-hazardous biological solution to bunklife problems, avoiding the use of expensive caustic acid products.

Available as water-soluble product in packaging suitable for use in tank mixes or with the Pioneer Appli-Pro® SLV applicator system.

Start getting more mileage from your high-moisture corn with 11B91. To learn how, contact your local Pioneer sales professional or dairy/livestock specialist today or click on one of the links below.

PDF 11B91 Product Profile (PDF 225 KB)    PDF Inoculant Brochure (PDF 253 KB)
PDF Applicators for Forage Inoculants (PDF 6 MB)    PDF Maturity & Moisture Recommendations (PDF 131 KB)
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