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China Safety Certificate for Plenish® Soybean Seed


China Safety Certificate for Plenish® Soybean Seed

The Chinese government has approved the final safety certificate for the importation of grain containing Plenish® High Oleic Soybean. China is a very important market for grain derived from biotech crops.

Plenish® Soybean Seed

In 2002, China issued new regulations requiring safety certificates for imported grain derived from crops improved through biotechnology. Pioneer submitted extensive safety information for Plenish®. Grain handlers that import grain containing Plenish® into China must have a copy of the China Safety Certificate for Plenish® on hand.

Pioneer received a safety certificate for import of Plenish® valid until December 6, 2020.

To request a copy of a China Safety Certificate for Plenish:

  1. Fill out the required information in the China Safety Certificate Agreement Form below.  Press the NEXT button.
  2. Read through the Agreement and confirm the data you input on previous page.
    If everything is correct complete the e-signature then click the SUBMIT button.
  3. An email will automatically be sent to and for processing. You will receive a copy of this email.

Once your e-mail is received, your request for a numbered copy of the China Safety Certificate will be sent by email within 3-5 business days.

Safety Certificate for Import of Grain Containing Plenish
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