Facts About Patented Wheat Varieties

Facts About Patented Wheat Varieties

Pioneer has applied for patent protection on Pioneer® brand wheat varieties commercialized since 2002.

Growers who purchase patented varieties are permitted to raise the crop to produce grain or forage for feeding or processing only ... and cannot legally save the seed from the crop to plant the following season.

Pioneer germplasm and special traits protected by patents

The unique, proprietary genetics that make up Pioneer® brand seed products are valuable assets of the company. Patents and plant variety protection laws are tools used to protect germplasm and research knowledge in order to bring new and improved products to the marketplace that provide value to growers. For example, Pioneer wheat varieties introduced contain a genetic package that takes an average of twelve years, and over a million dollars annually to develop.

Advantages to planting patent-protected seed

  • Assurance of superior-performing varieties — with the latest genetics, traits and technologies.
  • Varietal purity — uniform and consistent plants throughout your field.
  • Quality, professionally grown seed — it has passed rigorous germination, early growth and numerous other field and laboratory tests and inspections.
  • Satisfaction of investing in continued success by planting the most advanced seed available ... and supporting the pipeline of new product offerings for the future.


U.S. Patent Protection Guidelines

  • U.S. patents filed after June 7, 1995 have a term of 20 years.
  • When a customer purchases a Pioneer wheat variety or trait having the protection of an issued patent, the purchaser is granted a limited license to ONLY PRODUCE A SINGLE CROP OF GRAIN OR FORAGE FOR FEEDING OR PROCESSING. The patent prohibits any unauthorized making, selling or using of the patented variety. NO SEED CAN BE SAVED from this commercial crop and used for planting purposes. Persons willfully infringing this patent protection are subject to multiple damages and costs.
  • If the purchaser has an elevator or conditioner clean or store the grain from a patented wheat variety, and that grain is cleaned or stored for sales or replanting THE ELEVATOR OR CONDITIONER IS ALSO LIABLE AND SUBJECT TO DAMAGES AND COSTS.


Patent-protected Pioneer® brand wheat varieties*

Pioneer has applied for patent protection on Pioneer brand wheat varieties commercialized since 2002.

Patented varieties include: 25R47, 25R51, 25R54, 25R78, 25W41, 26R12, 26R15, 26R31, 26R58, 25R35, 25R63, 26R22, 25R62, 25R56

Patented pending varieties include: 25W36, 25W43, 26R87, 25R39, 25R32, 25R34, 25R30, 25R40

* Issued or applied for as of 12/22/2008.

The Future

Obeying seed protection laws are your best assurance that the pipeline of improved varieties and technologies that bring value to your operation will continue.




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