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Pioneer Sales Representative Testimonials

Our unmatched team of local professionals helps you select high-yielding products and provide you year-round service and expertise. Listen to what Pioneer sales representatives have to say about the services they provide to customers.

Meet Pioneer Sales Reps from Iowa

Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Riceville, IA

Barry Christensen
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Riceville, Iowa

Barry is a 2nd generation Pioneer sales representative in Howard and Mitchell County. This is his 10th harvest season being back on his family farm and uses resources from DuPont Pioneer to stay ahead of local challenges.

(November 2016)     (00:60)

Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Granville, IA

Dave Heying
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Granville, Iowa

Dave is a third-generation Pioneer sales representative and partnered with Pioneer in 1995. His family has worked with area farmers for over 70 years.

(November 2016)     (00:60)

Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Missouri Valley, IA

Mason Loftus
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Missouri Valley, Iowa

Mason has worked for Pioneer since 2010. Mason started as an Account Manager for the area and now as a local Pioneer sales representative. His family has farmed in the Missouri Valley area since the 1960’s when his grandparent’s purchased the family farm.

(November 2016)     (00:60)

Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Gilman, IA

Dan Runner
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Gilman, Iowa

Dan has been a Pioneer sales representative in Marshall and Jasper County since 2000. Dan is a native of Gilman, IA and an Iowa State University graduate. Dan is a 4th generation farmer.

(November 2016)     (00:60)

Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Mason City, IA

Kim Scott
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Mason City, Iowa

Kim is going on 3 years as a Pioneer sales representative. She comes from a farm family and is involved within her community, school and local 4-H. Kim has been involved in agriculture for 12 years.

(November 2016)     (00:60)

Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Ruthven, IA

Brent Swart
Authorized Pioneer sales representative
Ruthven, Iowa

Brent has been a Pioneer sales representative for 11 years. Brent has a family farm in the area for more than four generations, which he and his brother carry on.

(November 2016)     (00:60)

Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Danville, IA

Mike Yaley
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Danville, Iowa

Mike has been a Pioneer sales representative since 2009 and services a lot of southeast Iowa. Mike has been involved with agriculture for 25 years. He uses DuPont Pioneer resources and his own farming experiences to help customers become better farmers.

(November 2016)     (00:60)


Meet Pioneer Sales Reps from Illinois and Indiana

Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Ashland, IL

Jeff Cosner
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Ashland, Illinois

Jeff has been representing Pioneer® brand products in Cass County for 30 years! His agency continues to evolve to better meet customer needs.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Reps - Streator, IL

George & Dan Lukach
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representatives
Streator, Illinois

George and Dan Lukach carry on two generations of selling Pioneer® brand products that started back in 1965. They take a lot pride in wearing the Pioneer logo and their focus on their customers is second to none.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Odell, IL

Devin Sturms
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Odell, Illinois

Devin began working with Pioneer® brand products eight years ago in Livingston County, IL. Devin works side by side with his customers understanding them and their unique needs. He is also always willing to lend a hand to others in his local community.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Gibson City, IL

Tyler Young
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Gibson City, Illinois

Tyler has been a Pioneer sales representative for three years. Tyler is actively involved in his local community from being on the school board to getting involved with Illinois Farm Bureau.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Cory, IN

Josh Butt
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Cory, Indiana

Josh is a second-generation Pioneer sales representative working alongside his father in Cory, Indiana. Josh has been Pioneer green since he was little and continues to carry that on today working side by side with his customers.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Flora, IN

Colby McIlrath
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Flora, Indiana

Colby has been a Pioneer sales representative for 21 years with his father. Together they enjoy being involved in their local community and providing quality service to all their customers.



Meet Pioneer Sales Reps from the Western Corn Belt, High Plains, Missouri & Texas

Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Rocky Ford, CO

Paul Casper
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Rocky Ford, Colorado

Paul Casper is proud to represent the Pioneer brand on the High Plains. He has extensive experience growing a variety of crops in the challenging conditions the area presents. That deep understanding and intense drive help him provide exceptional service to his customers.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Gypsum, KS

Justin Knopf
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Gypsum, Kansas

In addition to being committed to helping his customers succeed, Pioneer sales professional Justin Knopf is a fifth-generation grower who farms alongside his dad and brother. He and his wife have two kids and are proud to represent Pioneer in their community.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Reps - Fairfax, MO

Richard Oswald
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Fairfax, Missouri

Richard Oswald has been helping local growers make the most of their acres with the resources of DuPont Pioneer for more than 30 years. He brings a tested, trusted and personal approach to help customers select the products they need for every acre.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Hastings, NE

BJ Katzberg
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Hastings, Nebraska

BJ Katzberg’s farming roots run deep around Hastings and Juniata, Neb. Whether it’s at his kids’ soccer games or riding along in the combine, he enjoys cultivating both business and personal relationships with growers.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Dodge, NE

Jason Meyer
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Dodge, Nebraska

Jason grew up in Dodge, Neb., and has been bringing the global resources of DuPont Pioneer to his hometown for more than 13 years. He and his wife are proud to be raising their five boys in the community.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Corpus Christi, TX

Jon Gwyn
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Corpus Christi, Texas

Growers count on Jon Gwyn to provide solutions they can depend on around Corpus Christi, Texas. The environments can be challenging but he’s on top of emerging technologies that keep advancing growers’ opportunities in the area.



Meet Pioneer Sales Reps from Minnesota, Wisconsin & the Dakotas

Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Roseau, MN

Amy Brateng
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Roseau, Minnesota

Amy and her husband are first-generation farmers and she’s a first-generation Pioneer sales professional. They’ve built their dream life from the ground up. She’s committed to developing relationships based on proven performance and a personal approach.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Reps - Owatonna, MN

Travis Moore, Moore Family Agency
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Owatonna, Minnesota

Travis, along with his wife Tina, recently started the Pioneer sales agency in 2015. Before that, Travis was an associate seller with Shady Lawn Seed before the owners retired. His agency also provides seed treatment, crop insurance and works closely with EncircaSM Services certified service agent Kris Gibart.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Minto, ND

Steven Schuster
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Minto, North Dakota

Steven’s family has farmed in the area for generations. He came back to farm and decided to join DuPont Pioneer six years ago. His approach to customers is all about building relationships that go deeper than business. He's just as interested in their lives as he is in their farms.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Langford, SD

Stuart Samson
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Langford, South Dakota

Stuart is a third-generation Pioneer sales professional who expanded the family seed business to a new location. His intense attention to detail has been a major asset in helping his customers reach new highs on the yield monitor.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Bay City, WI

Spencer Anderson, Anderson Agribusiness
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Bay City, Wisconsin

Spencer is new to DuPont Pioneer within the last 5 years. He believes in building great relationships with his customers.


Authorized Pioneer Sales Rep - Burlington, WI

Jim Cowan
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Burlington, Wisconsin

Jim is a legacy rep for DuPont Pioneer and growers value his advice and recommendations. His agency employs several people and offers bulk seed and PPST along with supporting row crop and dairy farms.



Meet Pioneer Sales Reps from the Eastern Corn Belt, Delmarva & North Atlantic

Mike Nelson & Jared Nelson, Nelson’s Agri-Service
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representatives
Taneytown, Maryland

Mike has been a Pioneer sales rep for 32 years and service all surrounding areas of Carroll County, MD. He along with his sons Jared and Ben are fully engaged with the agency and customer service is at the heart of everything their agency does.


John Sulkowski, Sulkowski Seeds LLC
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Wales, Michigan



Chuck Parker
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
East Canton, Ohio

Parker Farms has been a Pioneer sales agency for 26 years. Chuck, along with wife Linda, son Steve and brother Keith are all involved in the day-to-day business. They are extremely supportive of local 4-H and FFA


Jody Solomon, Wagner Seed LLC
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representative
Lindsey, Ohio



Ted Kuckuck and Corbin Crownover
Authorized Pioneer Sales Representatives
Indiana, Pennsylvania

Ted is in the process of retiring and Corbin will be taking over the agency. Corbin has worked with Ted for several years and is ready to “take the reigns” of running the agency.