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Bunker Management


8 Bunker Packing Tips for Quality Feed

A key to preserving nutrient value is proper packing of the bunker. Packing can curtail the growth of aerobic organisms that are detrimental to the ensiling process.

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8 Tips for Covering Bunkers to Preserve Nutrients

Covering the bunker is essential for providing quality feed. Get tips to minimize or prevent surface-spoiled silage.

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Bunker Management Offers Bottom-Line Advantages

The average bunker silo loses 15% of its dry matter mass during storage and feedout. Good management can lower losses to 10% or less.

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Pack Silage in Thin Layers

Packing in thin layers to get silage fully compressed so air is forced out and kept out, heavy tractors are needed.

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Manage Face of Silos for Consistent Silage Quality

Poor face management of silos can easily double dry matter losses in the silo.

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