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Preventing the Development of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

Get tips on managing glyphosate resistance in weeds.

Palmer Amaranth: A Growing Problem
Palmer amaranth, often glyphosate resistant, is becoming established in areas where it has not previously been found such as Wisconsin, Michigan and northern Indiana.

Factors Influencing the Residual Herbicidal Activity of Rimsulfuron
Rimsulfuron is a Group 2 herbicide that can be tank-mixed with several commonly used herbicides with no loss in weed control activity due to antagonism.

Weed Management in the Era of Glyphosate Resistance
Adopting best management practices for managing herbicide resistance will help prolong the useful life of current herbicides. Get tips on managing herbicide resistance.

Glyphosate Use for Optimum Field Performance
Learn more about glyphosate use practices to optimize weed control and crop yield.

Glyphosate Resistance in Weeds
Resistance has most commonly occurred in areas where glyphosate was used every year, sometimes multiple times a season. Read about glyphosate resistance in weed populations.

Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds a Growing Problem
A Pioneer agronomy research manager discusses management practices from rotating herbicide modes of action to crop rotation and tillage to decrease herbicide selection intensity by reducing weed populations.

Soybean Response to Herbicides Used to Supplement Glyphosate
Soybean growers must now consider alternative herbicides with other modes of action to supplement glyphosate to control glyphosate-resistant weeds. Learn more.

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