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Optimum® AcreMax® Xtra Products


Optimum® AcreMax® Insect Protection


What Is It?

  • Optimum® AcreMax® products contain the following in a single bag:
    –   Pioneer® brand hybrid with a pyramid of two trusted and highly effective modes of action - Herculex® I (HX1) Insect Protection and the YieldGard® Corn Borer (YGCB) trait.
    –   In-the-bag refuge of a similar Pioneer® brand hybrid with only herbicide tolerance (RR2), which satisfies all corn borer refuge requirements in the Corn Belt.

Get the Optimum® AcreMax® Insect Protection Story

Watch video and read what other growers are saying about Optimum AcreMax products.

Ed Jr. & Terry Erickson
Milnor, ND
It's all about simplicity and buying the right seed.
Ed Jr. & Terry Erickson | Milnor, ND
It's all about simplicity and buying the right seed.

Photo: Al Blume
"I want Optimum® AcreMax® products for everything on my farm. That integrated refuge is easy and a large time saver, not to mention the yield advantage."
Al Blume - Herman, MN


Photo: Kramers
"With the Optimum® AcreMax® products, we are able to simply put the seed in and go, there’s nothing to worry about. We believe it is well worth it."
Bob Kramer & Bob Kramer Jr. - Herman, MN


Photo: Clyde Buendorf
"Optimum® AcreMax® products are really the way to go. It makes everything easier. I can dump the seed in and just go plant. It's a hassle free system."
Clyde Buendorf - Kiester, MN


Photo: Todd Hansen
"Optimum® AcreMax® products are time saving, that’s why the product is more valuable to me. Refuge in the past was a struggle to plan out my fields. It’s quicker now; just dump it in and plant."
Todd Hansen - Owatonna, MN


Photo: Ron Selzer
"Planting refuge has become difficult over time as machinery gets bigger, not to mention time consuming. Integrated refuge with the Optimum® AcreMax® products make planting extremely convenient and keeps me in compliance."
Ron Selzer - Wyndmere, ND


Photo: Shawn DuFrain
Optimum® AcreMax® products definitely simplified the way we farm. It has been a game changer on our farm. It simplifies refuge and is one of the elite products for Pioneer."
Shawn DuFrain - Geddes, SD


Photo: Dave Geraits
"Planting refuge has gotten overwhelming and confusing, not to mention time consuming. Integrated refuge with the Optimum® AcreMax® products make planting extremely convenient and keeps me in compliance."
Dave Geraits - Humboldt, SD


Photo: Brett Peterson
"Optimum® AcreMax® products simplify and make the planting process much faster on our farm. It's a win-win for everyone."
Brett Peterson - Hurley, SD


Photo: Matt Jessen
"Optimum® AcreMax® products simplified planting by taking the math out of the picture and allowed me to just pour and go. It's very convenient; it simplified planting."
Matt Jessen - Redfield, SD


Photo: Jim Borlen
"Optimum® AcreMax® products are consistently as good or better yielding than the other hybrids we plant. Optimum® AcreMax® saves me time because I just put it in the planter and I'm automatically in compliance."
Jim Borlen - Clintonville, WI



Ultimate Simplicity

  • Satisfy all your above-ground refuge requirements with a single product in the Corn Belt.

Maximized Farm Yields

  • Protect former refuge acres with broad-spectrum insect protection.
  • Pioneer on-farm trials show Optimum AcreMax products yield equivalent to pure stands of products with Herculex® I insect protection, allowing growers opportunities to maximize their overall farm yields.

Technology Preservation

  • Reduce the risk of insect resistance and extend the longevity of future in-plant protection.


  • Pioneer offers choice in single-bag refuge, allowing you to get the right product on the right acre.

Optimum® AcreMax®    

AM - Optimum® AcreMax® Insect Protection system with YGCB, HX1, LL, RR2. Contains a single-bag integrated refuge solution for above-ground insects. In EPA-designated cotton growing counties, a 20% separate refuge must be planted with Optimum AcreMax products. 


Herculex® I HX1 – Contains the Herculex® I Insect Protection gene which provides protection against European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, black cutworm, fall armyworm, lesser corn stalk borer, southern corn stalk borer, and sugarcane borer; and suppresses corn earworm. Herculex® I Insect Protection technology by Dow AgroSciences and Pioneer Hi-Bred. Herculex® and the HX logo are registered trademarks of Dow AgroSciences LLC.


LibertyLink®   LL - Contains the LibertyLink® gene for resistance to Liberty® herbicide.
Liberty®, LibertyLink® and the Water Droplet Design are trademarks of Bayer.


Yieldgard® Corn Borer   YGCB – The YieldGard® Corn Borer gene offers a high level of resistance to European corn borer, southwestern corn borer and southern cornstalk borer; moderate resistance to corn earworm and common stalk borer; and above average resistance to fall armyworm.
YieldGard®, the YieldGard Corn Borer design and Roundup Ready® are registered trademarks used under license from Monsanto Company.


Roundup Ready® Corn 2   RR2 - Contains the Roundup Ready® Corn 2 trait that provides safety for over-the-top applications of labeled glyphosate herbicides when applied to label directions.
Roundup Ready® is a registered trademark used under license from Monsanto Company.