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Growing Season Tools


Growth Stage Estimator

This tool shows the growth stage for corn hybrids based on start and plant dates and comparative relative maturity. A user can click a link to get more information on the current estimated growth stage. Also included is a summary of GDUs and precipitation for the planting period.

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On a field-level basis: get total accumulation, make historical comparisons, and view monthly precipitation totals.

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Growing Degree Unit (GDU) Calculator

Track GDU accumulation on your farm and compare total GDUs and year-to-year comparisons with the Growing Degree Unit Calculator.

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Corn Yield Estimator

Use this tool to estimate preharvest yields.

Estimate Corn Yields

Pioneer® GrowingPoint® Agronomy App

Access trusted agronomy expertise that’s with you from the word go via your mobile device. Get answers on weed and pest control, crop management, and much more.

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Yield Monitor Pocket Guide

Get a free, hands-on reference for your yield monitor, including operation and calibration.

Yield Monitor Pocket Guide