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HarvXtra® Technology Calculator


A 4 ton/ac DM yield is equivalent to 4.7 tons/ac of 85% DM hay, or 8 tons/ac of 50% DM haylage

Dairy Quality hay is >150 RFQ. For calculations, each additional RFQ point is worth $0.84/ton

Average amount of alfalfa forage fed per cow per day (DM basis) in your herd

Current price per hundredweight (100-lbs, cwt) of milk

The Seeding Costs

For a seeding rate of 60 seeds/ft2, you will need 15lbs/ac of 9% light-coated seed, or 20lbs/ac of 34% heavy-coated seed

Price is total cost of alfalfa seed including the Technology Fee

Technology fee for alfalfa varieties with HarvXtra® Technology

Calculated using a 60 seeds/sq. ft. seeding rate, 90% germination, seed coat level, and seed price

Calculated using a 60 seeds/sq. ft. seeding rate, 90% germination, seed coat level, and Technology fee of $300 per bag

Your Farm Benefits

1) Delayed Cut, One Less Cut with HarvXtra® Technology Value for One Season($/acre) Value for Bag of Seed($/bag)
Higher seasonal tonnage

% increase in seasonal tons due to extended harvest intervals

$88 $1217
Value of eliminating one cut each season

based on harvest costs per acre per cut (excludes seeding year)

$50 $689
Expected stand life increase

value of lower seeding costs per acre (in years)

$10 $131
Difference vs conventional variety

Delayed Cut, One Less Cut advantage

Total of delayed cut advantages
$148 $2037
2) Same Cuts, Higher Quality with HarvXtra® Technology Value for One Season($/acre) Value for Bag of Seed($/bag)
RFQ advantage due to reduced lignin

points of RFQ increase per ton at every cutting

$78 $1081
Milk increase from higher energy content2

impact of fiber digestibility on ME and MP (lbs/cow/day)

$128 $1765
Milk increase from higher DM intake2

impact of fiber digestibility on DMI (lbs/cow/day)

$256 $3530
Difference vs conventional variety

Same Cuts, Higher Quality advantage

Average of forage quality advantages
$154 $2125
3) Clean Fields, Higher Yields with Roundup Ready® Technology Value for One Season($/acre) Value for Bag of Seed($/bag)
Herbicide cost savings in seeding year

cost savings for Roundup versus Raptor herbicide - $/acre/yr

$12 $41
Yield advantage in seeding year

% increase in seeding year yield for Roundup herbicide versus Raptor

$44 $152
RFQ advantage in seeding year

points of RFQ increase during seeding year due to better weed control

$15 $51
Difference vs conventional variety

Clean Fields, Higher Yields Roundup Ready® Technology

Total of RR alfalfa advantages
$71 $244

1Alfalfa has 220,000 raw seeds per pound; 90% germination; 50-lbs per bag; seeding rate of 60 seeds/sq. ft.; cost rounded to nearest $5;
2 Suggested increase in milk/cow/day due to higher fiber digestibility energy or DMI is based on Cornell nutrition model prediction (see results below) ME = metabolizable energy; MP = metabolizable protein; DMI = dry matter intake

Genuity® and Roundup Ready® are registered trademarks used under license from Monsanto Company. HarvXtra® is a registered trademark of Forage Genetics International, LLC. HarvXtra® Alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology is enabled with Technology from The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc.

Always Read and Follow Pesticide Label Directions.Alfalfa with the Genuity® Roundup Ready® technology provides crop safety for over-the-top applications of labeled glyphosate herbicides when applied according to label directions. Glyphosate agricultural herbicides will kill crops that are not tolerant to glyphosate.ACCIDENTAL APPLICATION OF INCOMPATIBLE HERBICIDES TO THIS VARIETY COULD RESULT IN TOTAL CROP LOSS.

Do not export Pioneer® brand alfalfa seed or crops (including hay and hay products) containing Genuity® Roundup Ready® technology, to China pending import approval. In addition, due to the unique cropping practices, do not plant this product in Imperial County, California. Use of HarvXtra® Alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology is subject to a Seed and Feed Use Agreement.

Pioneer is a member of Excellence Through Stewardship® (ETS). Pioneer products are commercialized in accordance with ETS Product Launch Stewardship Guidance and in compliance with the Pioneer policies regarding stewardship of those products. Crops and materials containing biotech traits may only be exported to or used, processed, or sold in jurisdictions where all necessary regulatory approvals have been granted for those crops and materials. It is a violation of national and international laws to move materials containing biotech traits across borders into jurisdictions where their import is not permitted. Growers should discuss these issues with their purchaser or grain handler to confirm the purchaser or handler's position on products being purchased. For further information on the approval status of biotech traits, please visit Excellence Through Stewardship® is a registered trademark of the Excellence Through Stewardship.

The foregoing is provided for informational use only. Please contact your Pioneer sales professional for information and suggestions specific to your operation. Product performance is variable and depends on many factors such as moisture and heat stress, soil type, management practices and environmental stress as well as disease and pest pressures. Individual results may vary.

PIONEER® brand products are provided subject to the terms and conditions of purchase which are part of the labelling and purchase documents.
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