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Planting Rate Estimator


Planting Rate Estimator

Pioneer field tests hybrid response to plant population at dozens of locations across North America each year. This extensive testing allows us to sample a wide array of environments at many yield levels. The wide-ranging data set obtained powers this Planting Rate Estimator. Download App From Apple Store.

Background on corn plant population research used to develop the planting rate estimator.

View as many combinations of hybrid, grain price & seed cost as you would like!



* Grain Price = $/bushel
** Seed cost = $/1000 seed
*** Planting rate and seed cost were increased by 5% to account for early season stand loss.

Information and results contained here are estimates based upon plant population data collected by DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Sciences to determine economic seeding rate and plant populations. Such tests are done on a genetic family basis. For data quality purposes at least 6 locations are required and if a hybrid is not listed we currently have insufficient data. All products within a family receive the same recommendation unless observations indicate a significant difference. Individual product responses are variable and subject to any growing environments including soil type, weather, insects and diseases. This model may not predict future performance and may not be complete.