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Weather Disclaimer


Pioneer Weather Information Disclaimer

This information is calculated using weather data provided by DTN the Progressive Farmer and Pioneer Hi-Bred makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of such data.

The unique DTN the Progressive Farmer Weather Forecast System provides more localized, more frequently updated, more consistent, and more accurate professional grade weather forecasts, with the added value of meteorologists being available for expert customer consultation during mission critical situations. This state of the art combination of computer technology and human experience consistently yields substantially improved results.

More Accurate Weather Forecasts
Statistical analysis is utilized to review input from many computer models and then produce a high quality initial forecast. Data from thousands of weather observation points are also used to adjust for local conditions. Experienced meteorologists then apply adjustments as often as every hour, 24/7, to infuse valuable refinements to the forecast.

More Localized Weather Forecasts
Unlike traditional methods of producing forecasts for generalized regions or zones, the DTN the Progressive Farmer system produces a unique forecast for a specific location. Advanced geospatial technology is used in conjunction with input from experienced meteorologists to address the particular nuances of local micro-weather features often induced by local landforms and the proximity to terrain features or bodies of water. Because the forecast is made with the local geography in mind, it reflects the details that more general forecasts often miss. While most forecast providers use only the 1,500 official weather observation points in North America, Telvent DTN uses over 8,000 weather observation locations, including data from weather observation networks run by state and local governments (such as road weather information systems), commercial companies (for air quality measurements, etc.), and weather observer networks.

More Frequently Updated Weather Forecasts
The DTN the Progressive FarmerWeather Forecast System produces an updated weather forecast every hour, 24-hours a day. This compares to traditional weather forecast update frequencies of only two to four times a day. With the DTN the Progressive Farmer system, each hour an exacting reformulation of the weather forecast is made based on the very latest weather observations and computer model guidance.

More Consistent Weather Forecasts
Weather forecasts are produced by degreed meteorologists with an average of over 7 years of professional experience each.  The weather forecast operation is managed by several senior meteorologists who have earned the Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) designation from the American Meteorological Society representing the highest form of professional recognition awarded in the field. The CCM's provide extensive recurrent training of the latest weather forecasting methodologies and also provide daily consultative oversight to ensure a consistent product.