Pioneer International Scholarships

The Pioneer International Scholarship is designed to contribute to agricultural research and education in developing countries by providing financial support for outstanding students working towards graduate level degrees in plant science disciplines at regional Universities.  Funding may also include programs or internships that can enhance your current study program. The program of study funding limits will not exceed, USD 5000 per year with a maximum of USD 10,000 for a two year master degree and USD 7500 per year with a maximum of USD 22,500 for a three year Ph.D degree program.
Written applications for funding may be submitted through institution authority emailing to

Various career development programs in Pioneer

Pioneer Anuj - The objective of this program is to groom entry level graduates and post graduates in the field of agriculture. The Anuj program identifies fresh talents from various agriculture and management institutes, through a well-designed behavioral & function specific training modules. The program exposes the participants through a project-based assignment within a specific function making them Pioneer-ready.
Pioneer Agraj – The program embodies the concept of targeted competency development. It prepares an employee to take on larger responsibilities within a function in the future. What makes Pioneer Agraj unique, is the involvement of managers, they serve as mentors to participants throughout the 18-24 month program. Akin to the role of an elder sibling in a family, the mentors take an active interest in the participants' development, provide coaching and feedback throughout the program.
Pioneer Unnati – The program focuses on Individual Development Plan (IDP). The program is designed to develop an employee for long term career growth and enhance individual as well as functional contribution. Also, through this program managers will be trained on the nuances of developing effective IDPs for their direct reports.