Corn Row Spacing by Seeding Rate Demo in the Mississippi Delta


  • Evaluate row spacing by seeding rate interactions for corn grown under furrow irrigation on clay soils in the Mississippi Delta using grower-owned equipment for each row pattern and spacing.

Study Description

Plot Layout: 12 rows, field-length strips
Experimental Design:       Strip trial, 3 replications 
Number of Locations:         
Cooperator:         Livingston Farms, Leland, Miss.
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Location Information:
                          Soil Type: Clay loam to clay
  Planting Date:   March 29, 2013
  Nitrogen:  280 lbs/acre applied by air 
  Pioneer® Hybrid:   P1690YHR (YGCB, HX1, LL, RR2)
                          Row Spacing:        30-inch single rows
    38-inch single rows 
    38-inch twin rows 
  Seeding Rate:  28, 32, 36 and 40K
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  • Corn yield was maximized at 40K seeds/acre with 30-inch single rows and 38-inch twin rows compared to 36K seeds/acre with 38-inch single rows.
  • Highest overall yields were achieved in 38-inch twin rows at 36K and 40K seeds/acre.
  • Lower yields in 38-inch single rows at higher seeding rates may be due to competition among plants within the row.
  • Lower yields in 30-inch rows may be attributable to smaller beds, resulting in poorer drainage on these heavy-textured soils. Watering every row middle in this row pattern resulted in more water/acre applied, which could have increased nitrogen loss. Future studies will evaluate irrigation configurations.
  • This test represents only 1 location of data and was conducted for demonstration purposes. Further research is necessary to confirm these findings. 

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Thanks to David Furr, Harper Ross, Darrell Livingston and  Martin Walker for their cooperation on this project.

2013 data are based on average of all comparisons made in one location through November 20, 2013. Multi-year and multi-location is a better predictor of future performance. Do not use these or any other data from a limited number of trials as a significant factor in product selection. Product responses are variable and subject to a variety of environmental, disease, and pest pressures. Individual results may vary.


YGCB,HX1,LL,RR2 (Optimum® Intrasect®) - Contains the YieldGard® Corn Borer gene and Herculex® I gene for resistance to corn borer.
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