Planting Plots with Central-Fill Planters: Kinze® Air Seed Delivery (ASD) Planter

Today's high-capacity central-fill planters are making planting more efficient thanks to fewer stops on the turn rows to fill up.

Kinze Air Seed Delivery (ASD) Planter

The central tank does, however, create a challenge for growers who would like to put out product trials or other agronomic plots.

Follow these step-by-step instructions when planting plots with a Kinze ASD planter:

1. Shut off the blower fan by putting the hydraulic lever in float or neutral. This is the blower that moves the seed from the tank out to row units.

2. Install orange cap (pictured below) on mini-hopper hose inlet to prevent seed remaining in the delivery hose from mixing with plot seed.

Install orange cap on mini-hopper hose inlet


3. Reattach the delivery hose to the cap to secure the hose in place.


Reattach the delivery hose to the cap


4. Open the mini-hopper lids and fill with plot seed.



A mini-hopper will plant approximately 1/2-mile long plots depending on seed size.


5. Changing seed: Hoppers may be vacuumed out easily with a shop vacuum or dumped out just like hopper units.



® Kinze is a registered trademark of Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. First image courtesy of Kinze Manufacturing.