The Numbers Don't Lie

Can you afford to not plant Pioneer this season? No tricks, no gimmicks, just our highest yielding soybeans with the unmatched flexibility of the Enlist® weed control system.

Flexibility + High Yield Potential =
Pioneer® brand A-Series Enlist E3® soybeans

National A-Series soybeans performance vs. Asgrow XtendFlex® soybeans

3.0 yield advantage per bushel - national A-Series soybeans performance vs Asgrow XtendFlex soybeans

71 percent wins - national A-Series soybeans performance vs Asgrow XtendFlex soybeans

Number of comparisons for A-Series soybeans performance vs. Asgrow XtendFlex soybeans.

*See legal and trademark information at the bottom of the page.

People inspecting soybean field - midseason

“At a 5-bushel advantage, I think you’d have to get your seed for free to make up the difference in profitability you get with A-Series soybeans today.”

- Carl Joern, Pioneer Field Agronomist

Keep an eye on your fields, not the clock.

Experience the flexibility and freedom to spray when and where you want with the Enlist® weed control system.

  Enlist® E3® soybeans XtendFlex® soybeans
Herbicide tolerances¹ 2,4-D Choline
Corresponding authorized herbicides for system Enlist One® herbicide
Enlist Duo® herbicide
Glyphosate pre-mix available in system
Xtendimax®, Eugenia®,
Tavium® herbicides
Application window in traited soybeans Through R1 stage
No calendar date cutoffs
X No later than R1 growth stage¹
or June 12-30 cutoff date*
Use of other herbicides postemergence Glyphosate and glufosinate products
Can tank mix Liberty with Enlist One
Can tank mix multiple forms of glyphosate
Glyphosate and glufosinate products
X Cannot tank mix dicamba and glufosinate
X Only K-salt glyphosates qualified to tank mix with dicamba
¹ Additional state restrictions and site requirements may apply. Applicator must comply with any additional state requirements and restrictions.
² Growth stage restriction only pertains to XtendiMax label.
* See EPA label amendment in your state for cutoff dates.

A-Series Momentum is Rising – Don't Miss Out!

With more than 50 million acres planted across the U.S., more and more farmers are discovering the benefits Enlist® herbicides can deliver: near-zero volatility, a wider application window and effective, neighbor-friendly weed control. And these advantages begin when you plant Pioneer brand Enlist E3 soybeans.