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Pioneer Pravakta

The Pravakta program is an unique initiative, which enables DuPont Pioneer to connect with numerous farmers spread across rural India. Pravakta farmer augments DuPont Pioneer’s farmer access program by being the key interlink. As our brand ambassadors, Pravakata farmers are trained on all the relevant crop management practices, new hybrids etc. They in turn, train their fellow farmers and act as a point of contact for sowing updates, cropping trend, yield, grain price etc.

DuPont Pioneer is committed to making substantial investments around this program to reach the remotest of the markets. Current strength of the DuPont Pioneer Pravaktas is 75,000 and plans are afoot to scale it to more than a lac in the next 2 years. The company's commitment goes beyond sales of seed and we are here to help farmers get the best out of the seeds by recommending the right agronomy practices suited to the growing conditions.


Last Modified:December 10, 2015