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DuPont Pioneer began research and parent seed operations in India in 1976. For 40 years, Pioneer has been developing and characterizing hybrid seeds for farmers in India, while continuing to be one of the nations’ leading suppliers of improved hybrid seeds. It works closely with more than 4 million farmers to get the right product on the right acre to maximize their productivity and profitability. With product sales and services in more than 90 countries, Pioneer is the world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, agronomic support and services to farmers.

In India, Pioneer® brand product offerings include Corn, Rice, Pearl millet and Mustard.

Investing in Indian Agriculture for greater sustainability

Pioneer continues to invest in Indian agriculture, bringing productivity and profitability to farmers and help ensure that India’s growing population has enough food. Pioneer is involved in collaborative Public-Private Partnerships with State Governments to improve food availability and livelihoods in areas facing food insecurity.

Indian Operations

DuPont Pioneer India employs close to 500 people in more than 40 locations across India.

  • Corporate office - Hyderabad.
  • Seed processing plant - , Hyderabad
  • Multi Crop Research Center Wargal, Hyderabad
  • 04 Commercial Units and 26 Regional Offices
  • 15 production locations cover more than 45,000 acres employing more than 22,000 people

State of the art infrastructure

Seed Processing Plant - The multi-crop integrated production facility handles multiple production lines, houses more than 200 permanent and seasonal employees. The plant supports seed drying, conditioning, treatment and automated high-capacity packaging for corn, rice, pearl millet, mustard and sunflower seeds. The facility also has a cold storage facility and a seed laboratory. It is one of the foremost plant in Asia to have introduced the DPS (DuPont Production system).
Multi Crop Research Center (MCRC) - The flagship plant breeding and research facility enables the Pioneer seed business to bring innovation to multiple crops that are grown locally. Spread across a land area of about 100 acres, MCRC accommodates up to 120 researchers engaged in corn, rice, millet, mustard and cotton hybrid seeds development, catering to the farmers in the Indian subcontinent. The facility enables deployment of trailblazing breeding technologies such as molecular breeding, doubled haploids for development of high quality hybrids adapted to local and regional growing conditions.

DuPont Knowledge Center (DKC) - The center undertakes R&D work in key areas such agricultural and industrial biotechnology and development of advance materials application for the Indian market. It is a 25 acre campus that houses more than 400 scientists, engineers and other employees. DKC provides R&D application development capability in India and the surrounding Asia Pacific region to support the long term growth objectives of the company. This is the sixth of the seven DuPont global R&D centers outside the US.






Last Modified:December 21, 2015