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Agronomy in Dupont Pioneer is the culture of the Organisation

Dupont Pioneer always Lives up to the expectations of the farmers, while following the Long Look philosophy, which ensures that farmers receive the best products, deals fairly, does not misrepresent and gives helpful management suggestions to the farmers. All of this is accomplished by the Dupont Pioneer belief in its Products and Agronomy

Agronomists Locations in India


Dupont Pioneer in India has 21 dedicated Agronomists working across 16 states on delivering the right product for the right acre , working closely with farmers, understanding environments, Biotic and Abiotic stresses, evaluating hybrids on the farmer fields and taking decisions on offering products which meet the farmer needs , while considering farmer feedbacks while making decisions.

The Focus of the Agronomy team is to identify methods/develop practices which enhances agricultural productivity of the Indian farmer by increasing Yields, optimization inputs and aims at improving farmer profitability.

 Note: Green indicates Agronomy Managers location and Blue indicates Regional Agronomists location


Priorities of Agronomy in Dupont Pioneer:

Product evaluation

  • Process of Hybrid advancement (Product Advancement Trials) – PATs are laid out on the farmers field and managed as per the farmer practices
  • Sampling (R5) to understand the adaptability of the advanced Hybrid
  • Side by Side to compare and demonstrate the performance of our hybrids vis-à-vis other hybrids in the market so that the farmer can experience the best product
  • Demonstration plots to make the customer realize the hybrid’s potential by adopting the best cultivation practices


Adding product Value

  • Agronomy trials are conducted to identify interventions which can enhance the productivity – interventions like identifying products which are responsive to higher plant densities, responsive to fertilizers, tolerant to Biotic and Abiotic stresses, arrive at simple yet practical solutions


Product Knowledge

  • Product placement suggestions
  • Train and ensure that the field team delivers the right recommendations to the farmers for higher productivity
  • Considerations/Weaknesses of the products to be considered for recommending product placement – so that we give the Right Product to the Right Acre
  • PK training to the Channel so that the product is rightly spelt
  • Know the product better- PKP


Suggests the Path forward

  • Identifying New segments
  • OPV conversion
  • Optimize the Seed rate
  • Inter crop options / Catch Crop Shifts


Agronomy Success in Dupont Pioneer

Dupont Pioneer Agronomy always lives up to its Long Look philosophy. It provides helpful management suggestions to the farmers thereby increasing the profit and income from Dupont Pioneer products demonstrated to the farmers through its competency in understanding the products better that there is substantial increase in Productivity if we increase the plant stand/plant population 


Similarly Dupont Pioneer focuses on improving the productivity through Hybridization and Agronomy Tips on the Best practices of Cultivation to get the optimum yields from Hybrid Rice

Last Modified:June 19, 2012