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Despite being the largest milk producer in the world, the cattle productivity in India is very low compared to the world. The major factors contributing to the low income of dairy farmers is lesser milk yield, due to unbalanced nutrition and quality of fodder. Use of corn silage as cattle fodder can substantially improve the cattle productivity. Corn Silage is preserved fodder of whole corn plant (with cobs) in which nutritional value of corn is stored for longer period of time.

Corn silage made from DuPont Pioneer corn seed and inoculant is energy rich, which increases the milk production manifold. Through silage based feeding the farmer can replace dry and green fodder and reduce the volume of concentrate. The cattle gets energy rich feed in form of corn silage which translates into increased milk production. The total cost of feed gets reduced largely due to the reduction in the volume of concentrates. And once the corn silage is made, it has a shelf life of up to two years if properly stored.

Benefits of DuPont Pioneer corn silage

  • Higher Biomass and energy
  • Increased Milk Yield
  • Round the year availability of fodder and higher shelf life
  • Palatable and highly digestible
         silage inouculant  

Benefits of DuPont Pioneer inoculants

  • Contains patented strains of lactic acid-producing bacteria
  • Help speed up fermentation
  • Improve silage quality
  • Retain valuable nutrients
  • Reduce dry matter losses
  • Improve nutritive value of starch and fiber
  • Extend bunk life



Last Modified:January 8, 2016