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Corn is grown throughout India and acreage has been going up due to increasing demand from poultry feed industry and other industrial purposes. We develop and sell corn hybrids which are high yielding, fit for water stress conditions, disease tolerance and good standability.

Pioneer ® Brand Corn Hybrids

  • 31Y45 - It is the first true spring corn hybrid launched in India. It is an ideal hybrid for sowing between the months of January and March in North India. 31Y45 responds positively to higher plant population per acre enabling very high yield of grain or green cobs.

  • P3396 - It is a very high yielding hybrid of Kharif & Rabi season and has a unique plant structure that makes it to respond higher populations. It also has very good standability which is required in the markets of Bihar & Coastal AP.

  • P3501 - It is a medium maturity high yielding kharif hybrid, with big cobs & highest shelling percentage. It has got very good volume weight. It’s a notified hybrid.

  • P3502 - This hybrid is a kharif hybrid which offers excellent stress tolerance because of its deep root characteristics & it also has excellent cob and grain attributes. It’s a notified hybrid.

  • P3546 - A leafy disease tolerant hybrid with fatty cobs translating to high yields. Suitable for Kharif & Rabi seasons.

  • 30V92 - The hybrid plants have strong stalks and a prolific root system that gives the crop excellent standability. Its unique plant canopy traps maximum sun energy and makes this hybrid suitable for growing at high plant population.

  • P3377 - It is an early maturity hybrid with high shelling percentage and good stress tolerance. Suitable for rain-fed conditions.

  • P1844 - New early maturity spring hybrid. Responds well to high population, with big size uniform cobs.

  • P3401 - New kharif high yielding hybrid, with uniform long cobs and high shelling percentage which has very good yield potential.

  • P1855 - New Spring highest yielding hybrid, with good population response, high shelling percentage & test weight.

  • P3436 - New Kharif rainfed hybrid, with very good leafy disease tolerance, has got big cobs & excellent grain color. This hybrid is suitable for Karnataka market.

  • P3522 - A Rabi hybrid of Bihar & WB which has set the benchmarks for highest yields, because of double cobs on (20%-40%) plant and high shelling percentage. It has got very good grain storability. It is also a notified hybrid.

  • P3533 - A Rabi high yielding hybrid for Bihar & WB which has big & uniform cobs, low grain moisture & attractive grain color.

  • P3441 - A Kharif rainfed hybrid, with very good adoptability which makes it to perform across the country. It has very good stress tolerance, big cobs & excellent grain color. It is also a notified hybrid.



Last Modified:November 18, 2015