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We produce and sell different pearl millet hybrids which meet varying growing conditions. Our pearl millet hybrids are known for its high grain and fodder yields, good standability coupled with high tolerance to various crop diseases. DuPont Pioneer pearl millet hybrids are available for both summer and rainy seasons.

Pioneer ® Brand Pearl Millet Hybrids

  • 86M88 – A rainy hybrid with wider adaptability and excellent potential. It has high tolerance for leaf blast and rust.

  • 86M11 – It is a medium maturity hybrid for Summer millet. It is a high yielding hybrid due to uniform, long and compact earheads.. It has wide long leaves with thin stalks but excellent standability with good fodder yields due to uniform tillers.

  • 86M86 – It is a medium maturity hybrid. Due to lodging tolerance, yield and fodder loss due to lodging is reduced considerably. It also has a good quality and quantity of fodder which stays green till harvest.

  • 86M35 – An early maturity hybrid for rainy markets, offers compact ear head, very attractive slate green color with excellent stress tolerance.

  • 86M74 – Hybrid suitable for heat stress market in summer season.

  • 86M84 – High grain and fodder yield through long compact ear head. Tall plant with lodging tolerance.


Last Modified:December 3, 2015