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Rice is the most important food crop of India and we are committed to develop rice hybrids which will help meet the food demands of our growing population. DuPont Pioneer rice hybrids cater to various growing conditions, are high yielding with good milling quality, disease tolerance and taste.

Pioneer ® Brand Rice Hybrids

  • 27P31 - It is a medium maturity hybrid (128 – 132 days). The hybrid has Medium bold grains, higher grain weight gives highest yield in segment; it is very consistent under stress conditions. Suitable for dense population (40-42 plants/sqm)

  • PHB71 - It is a medium maturity hybrid (128-132 days), notified by Government of India with long slender grains. Suitable for drought and saline conditions.

  • 25P35 - It’s a short duration hybrid (115-120 days) with Long bold grains resulting in high yields. Suitable for rice – potato crop rotation.

  • 27P63 - This hybrid is a medium maturity hybrid (130 – 137 days) with medium slender grains and has good taste and cooking quality. More number of tillers and panicle/plant results in high yields.

  • 29P38 - It is a high yielding late maturity hybrid (145 – 150 days). It has good standability and it is suitable coastal areas.


Last Modified:November 19, 2015