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Our Vision

To be the PREFERRED INTEGRATOR: We want to seek, and be sought by, collaborators to develop innovative products and services for production agriculture that requires an integrated approach.

To be the LEADING SOURCE OF INSIGHT: We want to be recognised as the organisation most valued for, and most capable of, synthesising knowledge to gain insights that address production agriculture challenges.

To be the THOUGHT LEADER in AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS: We want to help forge a more effective and sustainable global agricultural system that meets the food, feed, fibre and industrial needs of a growing world.

Enabling leading market position and sustainable business growth, creating value for shareholders and society at large!


Our Mission

To be the world's most innovative plant genetics business, creating industry leading products and unmatched service and support for our customers.


The Long Look

We are an international company with a unique combination of cultures, languages and experiences. Our technologies and business environment have changed dramatically since Pioneer Hi-Bred was established in 1926.

Our philosophy and our attitude towards research, production and marketing and the worldwide network of Pioneer people, however, will always remain true to the four simple statements of business policy, which have guided us, since our early years:

  • FIRST: We try to produce the best products on the market.
  • SECOND: We try to deal honestly and fairly with our employees, sales representatives, business associates, customers and stockholders.
  • THIRD: We try to advertise and sell our products vigorously, but without misrepresentation.
  • FOURTH: We try to give helpful management suggestions to our customers to assist them in making the greatest possible profit from our products.