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The latest products and management tools, services and Pioneer® agronomy trials can help your operation reach a new level of performance.


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To help develop the full potential of your hectare.


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Successful Crop Management

Successful Crop Management

The availability of advisors and research-based information forms the base for fundamental decision-making. At Pioneer, we are committed to bettering crop management.

Our mission is to help maximise grain production by providing useful information that is based on intensive and innovative research.

The Pioneer Agronomy Team

Pioneer Agronomy Team

The next step is to maximise precision farming by creating different management zones to be able to provide better information. The management zones help us to understand how the genetics react on the environment, and by stacking the data, it can lead to accurate hybrid recommendations. The right product for the right hectare can then be recommended.

By using this digital technology, the Pioneer agronomy team can make better hybrid recommendations and thereby ensure that the farmer understands his land. He can then make informed decisions to maximise yields and effectiveness and to reduce risks. By doing that, we strive to ensure food security with Pioneer genetics.

Find your Agronomist

Henry Kamwale
Tyson Tembo
Eastern Region
Tiza Phiri
Lusaka and western province
including Chibombo, Chisamba
and Kabwe
Kapembwa Mazimba
Northern and Muchinga provinces
Cynthia S. Kaunda
Copperbelt and Luapula province
including Kapiri Mposhi, Mkushi,
Serenje, Chitambo and Luano Districts
Blaise Lubingo
Southern Province
Mwansa M. K. Malaji
North Western Province