Maize Silage

The evaluation of different hybrids

The expectations placed on a good silage hybrid can differ greatly because of the producer’s needs for use (for animal feeding it can be milk production), but the biggest need or expectation lies with the producers, animal nutritionist and contractors that are involved in the production of silage.

The opinions of quantity versus quality when it comes to silage, are discussed regularly, but a good rule of thumb is the following:

1. High yield per hectare

2. High starch yield per Kg DM

3. High Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN)*

Protein value are measured and mentioned, but in our maize silage observations it is of less importance. Proteins in maize silage are mainly influenced by harvest time and the physiological phase of the maize plant.

**Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN) of silage are measured from the digestibility of crude protein, fat and fiber (thus NDF and all fiber fractions), and non-structural carbohydrates (including starches). A good (high) TDN value are found with low fiber, high digestibility of all fiber fractions and a high starch content.

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Maize Silage Brochure

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