Clubroot Resistant Trait Technology

Protect your canola yield and profit with industry-leading clubroot resistant hybrids.

Industry-Leading Clubroot Resistance.

Since its initial discovery near Edmonton in 2003, Clubroot has spread throughout Western Canada with new virulent pathotypes being found annually. The use of Clubroot-resistant (CR) canola hybrids has been key in managing the disease and continues to be an essential tool in reducing the spread. Even if clubroot has not been found in a field, clubroot hybrids are proven to reduce the risk of disease establishment. Whatever your clubroot risk, we have a hybrid that will keep your operation protected.

The Most Resistant Sources

clubroot in canola

Pioneer was the first company to commercialize clubroot-resistant canola hybrids in the Canadian market. Through our multi-year process of identifying new CR gene sources and developing new CR hybrids, we now offer a portfolio of products with the most sources of resistance in the industry to allow for a rotational clubroot resistance strategy.

Local Breeding & Testing

testing lab

Our canola hybrids are bred and tested at our 5 research centres across Canada to ensure top performance on Western Canadian farms. Our Research and Development teams work in constant collaboration with leading public and academic bodies, so we stay at the cutting-edge of clubroot technology.

A Complete Trait Package

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Pioneer Protector® brand canola hybrids offer built-in resistance to clubroot and other key Prairie diseases like Sclerotinia and blackleg along with solid agronomics like high-yield potential, excellent standability and harvestability – all in one package.

Local Products

When it comes to protecting your canola, we have clubroot’s number. Explore our lineup of clubroot-resistant hybrids to find the right product for your operation.

Clubroot Pathotypes chart
Clubroot Pathotypes chart

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